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  1. Alright lbk is in the fridge cold crashing howling red ale for bottleing this weekend. Lbk #2 is 2weeks fermenting dieoblo blonca Ipa bottle next weekend. Lbk #3 is 1 week fermenting Jamaica mon. And the brew for this weekend after lbk #1 is empty. Will be carabiou slobber can't. Wait bring on the weekend
  2. welcome finsfan, i too did the aztec as my first brew. i let it go the full 3 weeks in the lbk and tryed my first one after 2week after bottling not real good. so i would say let it go a full 4weeks in bottles before you try it.
  3. thanks for the advice. i will cold crash and not worrie about the yeast. i was just woundering and trying to gain knowledge about brewing. i have only been brewing for a little over a month
  4. Hi all, as I sat at work today the only thing that went through my head was this weekend I get to bottle my howling red and after 3 weeks fermenting why has it created yeast colonies , and should I cold crash it for a few days? I guess my question is what causes yeast colonies to form on top of beer and should I scoop them out with a sanitized spoon befor I bottle Thanks for the help.
  5. Ok all after 3weeks LBK and 2weeks in bottles at room temp and 2 days in the fridge just cracked open my first Aztec. Beer has nice clear appearance, good smell but the taste is a little grapefruit after taste not a real good beer. So I know I opened this a few week early is that why it's giving off a grapefruit taste?
  6. Yes thanks for the help. You the man Dave
  7. Welcome to the group I would pull it from the fridge and let it condition at room temp for a few more weeks. They say here to leave in LBK for 3 weeks and condition 4 weeks at room temp. Not real sure on adding suger to the wort that's a new one to me but their are people here that can answer your question a lot better then me.
  8. Shoot wish I would have read this before yesterday because I put a aztec in the fridge last night after only 2weeks condsioning oh well I'm thinking it will still br tasty
  9. Always great advice on this forum think I will go down to wally world and get some oxyclean free. Dose any one know if they sell star San their too?
  10. Hi beer people a quick question for you. I'm getting ready to do a 2gallon batch of caribou slobber. The question is can I make this by putting all the ingredients for a 2gal batch in just one gallon of water. And have the other gal of water in the LBK. Do the fact that I don't have a big enough pot to boil the full 2gal
  11. I will keep you all posted on how this turns out. I'm also going to try the seasonal as soon as it arrives. That will make 3lbk fermenting and 1batch conditioning
  12. Marc777 that is good to know I will be brewing the Jamaica mon next weekend. Trying to get my pipe line stocked for hopefully a long hot summer BBQ & good home brew can't get any better. Enjoy
  13. Harley hawk just finished brewing this one. Every thing went well hope it turns out good. And your right dose not seem to be many people interested in this brew I myself think this will be a great one. Think I might just have to buy another batch sence I still have 1LBK empty
  14. Well I think I will leave the honey out. Thanks for the help.
  15. Ok all today is brew day doing the howling red ale. My question is in the brewing with mr beer book it says to add 1/2 honey. But on the brew instructions and on the mr beer web site I do not see anything about adding honey to this mix. So I'm confuse honey or no honey ? What's your thoughts.
  16. Ok all I just purchest the new el diablo blanco ipa never have I tried a hops boil but it doesn't sound to bad hope this turns out good. Will up date this when I start brewing
  17. Hi to all out their in brew land your thought please on Jamaica mon. My next batch will be the beer in question I have read many diffrent opinions on this beer from its real good to it real bad. So what can I do to insure a good beer
  18. Ok so it has turned out to be a good day. To start with had my sons first T-Ball practice and just found out that I have won the 2 new LBK that I have been bidding on from eBay. This will bring me up to 3 LBK 1 batch formenting and when the new LBK show up I already have kits for both of them. It a very good day
  19. Just keep brewin, and have a beer. That's some good advice think I will have a beer to.
  20. She is a light beer drinker carona yuk. But for her it's more about the money I spend. So far I have 1LBK one batch brewing I have bought 2 more batches to brew and now am in the process of trying to win 2 more LBK on e-bay. I guess maybe I do go over board sometimes. But what a better way to spend a week end day than by making home brew. :woohoo:
  21. Thanks for the welcome all. It been a long winter so I have kept myself busy making high spirits apple pie shine a big party hit and also got a gallon of blackberry brandy that turned out awsome. Can't wait tell this first batch of brew is ready.
  22. Hi all new to brewing I have one batch fermenting it's been on for two weeks with two more ready when LBK is empty. Wife not real happy about it because I tend to go over board whin I start a new hobby but hay I love beer so this is a hobby for me
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