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  1. It is super simple to make these labels. I went to www.beerlabelizer.com and there you can make several different styles of labels. Some of the labels however are what they call "Premium Labels" (like my shield one) but for a one time fee of $5 you get lifetime access to all the designs. From there I went down to an office supply store and bought standard 8.5x11 sized sticker sheets and printed the labels onto that then cut them out. (The pack of sticker paper was $10 for 15 sheets and I fit 9 labels on each) Hope that helps! (and I am not promoting the above website, merely letting you know what I used)
  2. I decided to call the my house Golden Stag Brewery (mostly from a private joke) and I made some labels for my first 2 batches of beer and I'd love to know what you guys (and gals) think.
  3. Thought this one up the other day and was wondering how it sounds to the rest of you on paper. The recipe for Great White North is as follows: Base: Northwest Pale Ale (Craft Series) Yeast: Safbrew S-33 Hops: Centennial Hops Additional Ingredients: Booster, LME Soft Pack: Golden, Orange Zest, Lemon Zest, Grated Ginger I was hoping this would give me a pale ale with a citrus zing. If you can let me know if there would be any kind of conflict between ingredients that would be greatly appreciated as I am still a rookie in the brewing department
  4. Thanks guys that only took a few minutes to answer what took me a few hours of research with much better results! Also thanks for welcoming me to the community!
  5. I just started my first batch ever of home brew and I am looking for a bit of advice from the community. I know the instructions say 2 weeks of fermenting time but I've heard people say 3-4 weeks to ferment. I'm brewing a batch of West Coast Pale Ale and the fermentation bubbles have stopped after 3 days. Is that normal? My temp has been constant between 72-75 degrees. Thanks for the input guys! I'll be sharing my progress and recipes in the future!
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