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  1. Man dont even talk about last year. 7-9 (loss to the effing Browns) were the chargers. Norv'd.Hate. Talent has been sliding away from this team for several years now. Next year might be paper bag time. 2nd coming of the bus? might have a bandwagon fan here. Returning to smashmouth? definitely will have a fan. too many teams pass happy, hope the chargers can find a balance. You guys are in a better place than us, definitely. I still like Rivers. I dont consider him a whiner, but he has had some suspect moments. He is a gamer, and I am glad to have him over that other Manning who might be a mongloid. No offense to any of yall. Hope the team can piece together a line for that guy because he is no Ben when scrambling. He is also not an alleged rapist. Frikkin Donks picked up Shaun Phillips. Sorry for the rant. I am going to go cry into a terrible towel. Either way, again, good luck to the Steelers.
  2. no big at all, just messing around. glad to start that. beer - n - football :banana:
  3. Wut tha? Ask a question about the steelers and get completely threadjacked. nice work. Just glad it wasn't Pats fans. Guess there aren't a lot of charger fans out there. Draft went ok, FA signings ok - no big moves, but this new management is an upgrade. We been norv'd and AJ'd too long. It will take awhile to emerge from mediocrity. Hope we can at least own the AFC West. Denver is upgrading further ... good luck to the steelers, we wont see you this year, most likely.
  4. what is this dry hop about? I bottled mine - straight up no additions - yesterday. After just over three weeks in the LBK, the sample seemed pretty mellow in terms of hoppiness. I think it will be good, IIRC my final gravity was 1.03ish. Looked a little hazy, guess I kind of expected with a white beer. guess...
  5. Avoidable steps - I am on board. The sample I took when I was looking at final gravity was awesome - clear, no funky tastes or smells. Should be a nice batch. Bottled last night along with the White IPA. Talk about a krausen explosion. What a mess. Thanks for all the advice. Think this batch is going to turn out nice and clean tasting.
  6. Good info on stirring, thanks. I may have not done all that great at stirring as I was a little thrown after spilling some wort when pouring into the keg. Seems inconclusive regarding rehydrating, at least initially. Seems like the results don't point to rehydrating being better, but at least as good. Think I will stick with pitching of dry yeast. Do you notice a difference? Is there a better, thicker krausen that might indicate more activity? I dont really remember that much about the krausen. i do recall seeing about an 1/8 inch of sediment on the bottom of he IPA bottles of the yeast "husks". Fun stuff, this brewing. One day I will get a good batch.
  7. I have been reading up on pitching yeast and seems like there's at least two major opinions on the process. Not to stir and stir. I tried stirring a junkyard IPA batch (my first attempt - maybe too ambitious) and i tried rehydrating and stirring. The product was a bad batch of beer. I think i either bottled prematurely (was in the LBK for 3-4 weeks) or the yeast stalled? It looked relatively clear and the gravity was in the sweet spot per MR BEER website. how's the offseason looking in pittsburgh? I am a san diego fan, been tough the last few years.
  8. Thanks Foothiller and manosteel. So I cracked open the keg, stirred in the LME and it seemed to mixed up pretty well. The color really turned a cool blonde/honey color. The yeasties disappeared from the top though. Hope that does not make a difference. Nice avatar manosteel
  9. Uh, well, should have looked it up on the old interwebz, but I went thru the process (entirely sober) and mixed my wort up without LME. Batch has been in the keg Thanks in advance.
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