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  1. All: Thanks for the advice. I think it's something I'm gonna try. That way I can try and make pretty much what I want and not be tied to a specific extract. I'm also gonna check out brewtoad. And in light of the recent sale also pick up some discounted recipe's. Happy Brewing
  2. So my LHBS carries bulk extract and I've been thinking about giving it a shot once my current supply of MrB extracts are gone and looking for some opinions of others who have tried this route before. It's bound to save me money over MrB as the per pound price is less and no shipping. But since it's not hopped how much more time would I need to allow for hop boils? I've been doing hop boils with MrB but for no longer than 20 minutes. I also figure with Qbrew by my side I should be able to make pretty much what ever I want. Just trying to figure out if it's worth it or not. Thanks in advance for any feedback.
  3. brewed this up over the weekend and did almost exactly what you did. Only exceptions were I only started with only 1/2 a gallon of water and I added 1/2 cup of maltodextrin to try and add some mouthfeel and head retention. Will add another 1/2 oz of Saaz in a couple of weeks. Thanks for the assist. :drinking:
  4. "SlickRick07" post=377727 said:I recently bottled my Czech Pilsner and was really impressed by the taste. If it continues to carb and condition well, this might be my best beer to date. I ended up adding 1 lb. of Pilsen DME, .25 oz Saaz @ 20 min., .25 oz Saaz @ 8 min., and then dry hopped .5 oz of Saaz days 14-21. I'll keep you posted on how mine turns out. I will be tossing it in the fridge next week! Rick - would you mind expanding on your recipe a bit? Czech pils is on deck for me and I think I'll try what you have done above but have never used DME before. What is the order for brewing this? Do you boil your water first then add DME or add the DME to cold water and then bring to a boil? When do the hops come into play? Just trying to get the timing and all the steps down. I'm also considering trying carapils with this and also have no experience with that either if anyone has any tips. Thanks all!!
  5. Hello All I'm looking for some opinions on dry hoping some Cascade hops (.25 - .5 oz) for the last five days of fermentation on the spring seasonal. I picked up the refill a couple of weeks ago and since I had most of the ingredients to make the El Diablo Blanco I decided to go that route. The only thing I didn't have was the Falconer's Flight hops. So off I went to my LHBS. Unfortunately, they also didn't have Falconer's but suggested Sorachi Ace hops instead. Which I added to the boil for 15 minutes and then kept them in the LBK where it has now been for the last 11 days. Since I have never used Sorachi Ace before I'm wondering if the Cascade would adversely effect the beer given the sorachi has been sitting in the LBK for all this time. My main goal is to add some hoppy aroma since some of the feedback I've read here indicates this mix is lacking in that department. Thanks in advance for any feedback :drinking:
  6. Here's one not too far from Moraine. http://thedaytonbeerco.com/
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