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  1. OK, got around to brewing yesterday. everything went as planned, except i had to sparge twice to get my 6.5 gallons (didn't want to just add water). my OG is 1.068, which according to Brewhouse is an efficiency of 90%-hope my hydrometer is working ok! i do have a Boch thats been in the secondary for a week and will not drop below 1.02 (OG was 1.053). It reads 1 with plain water. i did take a plate and put on top of my mash and squeezed all the liquid i could out on the last sparge. the mash held from 156 to 152 after 60 minutes, sparged at 168 for ten minutes each time. used fermcap for the first time-what a difference-didn't have to constantly monitor for boil over, nice! this brew is for my wife, who really liked this beer when we drank it and her Bday is aug 9th-so should be ready just in time. will update progress (or problems)
  2. no, i didn't know that. i will check it out. thanks for the tip!
  3. thanks for the info brewers! grains should arrive monday, but i'm headed to beach tuesday, so i'll wait until i get home and brew next monday. i would do it this monday, but i don't want to rush myself being my first AG brew. All my extract brews (9) have really turned out good, True Brew Belgian Ale being my favorite so far. The wife likes the Aztec Cerveza( i added some citrus hops-gives it a little of an IPA after taste). So i'm feeling pretty good about the AG. Just wish my LHBS had a bigger selection of grains. I did order double the quantity of this recipe, because the shipping was only $10.00 for the whole order. anyway, i will report back my progress after i get started. Enjoy the weekend everyone-going out to the pool to drink some Puppy Poop(Black Lager) and Kick Ass Cloie(Belgian Ale)-named after our mean ass cat!
  4. ok pro brewers, going to do my first AG batch-grains are on order(LHBS doesn't carry a big selection of grains). going to do a Moose Drool clone. had some out in Sturgis a few years ago and really liked it. Home made Tun is finished, from 5 gal round cooler. have read lots of how to's, feeling pretty confident. recipe is as follows 9 lbs 2 row pale 1 lb crystal 60 1/2 lb crystal 20 1/2 lb carapils 1/2 lb flaked oats 1/3 lb chocolate malt 1/8 lb black patent 1 oz east kent goldings 60 min 1 oz liberty 30 min 1oz willamette 5 min Wyeast 1968 yeast Question-- first time using a liquid yeast. from what i have read the pack has an internal pack that you break open the day before. just in case the directions on the pack are not clear- any pointers or advice- is more than welcome. i have become very comfortable doing extract brews and am looking forward to this next step.
  5. i'm pretty sure i have the latest update. MB Patriot lager is not listed, so i used MB Octoberfest lager. this seemed to be the closest. also steeped 1/4 pd muntons chocolate, added 1 pd extra light malt, 2TBS dark cocoa, and 2 TBS sugar free english toffee liquid flavoring(i didn't have any other non fermenting sweetner to offset the bitterness of the cocoa) OG 1.055 right in the range qbrew came up with :cheer: may have to adjust sweetner after fermented when i do my FG/taste test. i'll report the the results in a couple weeks.
  6. does anyone know what settings to use for MB Pariot Lager in Q Brew? I have a can that i want to try to brew a chocolate flavored ale with. Thanks
  7. Mr beer had a scratch and dent sale, so i picked up a deluxe kit 1 LBK, case of bottles and the 2 refills mentioned above for 42 bucks. question is , does anyone have a good recipe modification for these? from reading reviews, don't know if i'll be crazy about them as is
  8. just to update-- has been fermenting 3 weeks. bottled this morning. my first 5 gal brew and first time batch carbing. 49 12 oz bottles- put the last cupfull in the freezer for 30 min while i cleaned up. just finished it-very smooth. can't wait to try finished product-will be patient. OG 1.05 ( called for 1.05 - 1.054) FG 1.013 (called for 1.011- 1.015) seems all went well, which is almost a suprise, because i have only been using b-brite as a sanitizer not knowing it is only a cleaner. did pick up some star san over the weekend, so i used that this morning to sanitize everything. thanks again to everyone on the board. i am learning alot! and having fun! and within a couple months i can quit spending $ on my wifes expensive craft beer habit, since she seems to like my brews just as much. she really hates my cheap lite beer! unfortunitly, now i'm stating to dislike it myself! Happy Brewing gone-American light drinking-Irish Stout (Ain't my mama's mini collie) Bewithed Amber Ale ( Doggie drool) conditioning- Winter Dark Ale ( Sheepdog spit) Black Lager ( Puppy Poop) Fermenting Belgian Ale ( un-named for now)
  9. hey bob, i input the recipe into Qbrew, and you are right-no real differences going down to 4.75 gal. i'll pick up some fermcap and do that. thanks for the info
  10. it will be my primary. i have a 6 gallon bucket, but it has a lager brewing and i wanted to start my 5 gal belgian ale -trying to get a pipeline - wife and i drink this stuff as fast as i can make it! i have qbrew downloaded, but have not had a chance to get familiar with it yet
  11. if i use a 5 gal kit, but only make 4 gal because my carboy is only 5 gal total, what would the effect be, or should i reduce all ingredients by 20% ?
  12. drinking my irish stout now-goood beeer- question is- only difference i notice compared to a similiar store bought craft beer is that my home brew seems a little over carbed (1 1/4 tsp per 1/2 liter) anyone found just the right amount? i don't want to under carb
  13. Thanks, I'm going to try it, and i'll let you know how it turns out On a side note, how the heck do i upload an avatar. have tried numerous times and it won't upload
  14. Hey Foothiller, would the cherry juice addition i've been reading about work in the winter dark ale? I just started a batch yesterday.
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