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  1. I have only paid 40 bucks for both my kits.. but only one set of bottles
  2. Just picked up a second full kit at Walmart for twenty bucks
  3. I just put it up there just to see the color is all. They are tucked away in my pantry
  4. All bottled and now conditioning
  5. Going to local supply store to see if I can get a hydrometer
  6. Taste test complete.. couldn't really get a correct taste due to having a banana prior lol but it smells like beer and did taste ill flat.. it's kinda cloudy so idk if that's what its supposed to look like or not but I will probably bottle tomorrow
  7. I will for sure get a hydrometer and I just did cal as my first batch ant my second has yet to be chosen
  8. I'm at two weeks and am gonna taste to see if it's ready... All my friends are more excited to try it than me lol
  9. I hate being so impatient lol but hey if it's good it's worth it... Think I'll try a IPA next
  10. LBJ lol typo but yet it works out and I don't want to try out lbjs pale a ..Ale lol good convo here.. think since its almost two weeks and I can bottle on Thursday I'll wait one more week
  11. Almost to wk 2 of fermentation and I see a lot of stuff in the bottom of the LBJ. Is this normal?
  12. Looking to start a MUG in southern Oregon if anyone wants to join
  13. Thanks guys and gals for all the great advice.. I'm on day two of fermenting and it looks like all is well..
  14. Is there a blue moon like one?? Or is that an advanced recipe
  15. More like orange big foot lol I'm excited to start a new hobby and see where this takes me.. what are some good ones to brew??? I will take any advice given lol
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