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  1. Thanks, Oly! I actually made it myself a few months ago from plans I found online(Son of Fermentation chiller). I had to use a lot of Liquid Nails to fill in some gaps, and then I covered the seams with foil tape, but it actually holds temps pretty well. As for a kegging setup, I would definitely go for it if I had the space, but I don't think it's an option for me yet. Fermentation Chiller Fermentation Chiller(open)
  2. I finally did it! I brewed a 5 gallon batch last Friday. I brewed the Liberty Cream Ale(a Midwest Supplies recipe)Brew day went smoothly, but I definitely took notes that should help me with the next batch. I'm looking forward to bottling this one in a few weeks, and then moving on to my next batch. I'm thinking of trying the Caribou Slobber recipe from Northern Brewer. Brew Kettle pic Fermenter pic
  3. Yankeedag, I'm going to be brewing inside. I'm planning to use the water from the wort chiller to do laundry(I think someone else on the forum originally suggested this). And I will definitely keep an eye on the flow rate when I'm cooling the wort. Thanks for the tip!
  4. I just bottled my 5th batch today, the Bohemian Bronze. The sample tasted really good! I can't wait until this one is ready to go. I still have some of my Blue Patriot left, so hopefully I can hold off for 4-5 weeks(at least). After I finished bottling and cleaning up, I made a wort chiller. I used 20 feet of 3/8" copper coil, 20 feet of tubing(cut in half), 5 hose clamps, and a garden hose adapter. It's certainly not a work of art, but I think it will get the job done. I'm brewing my first 5 gallon batch next weekend, and I'm planning to do a full volume boil(I have a 9 gallon SS brew kettle), so the wort chiller seemed like a no-brainer. I leak tested it after I finished, and it works! Have a great weekend, everyone! Wort chiller pic
  5. I'm up 25 gallons brewed for the year: West Coast Pale Ale(first batch)-brewed on New Year's Day Cherry Wheat-brewed on 3/10, bottled on 3/30 Honey Light-brewed on 5/5, bottled on 5/26 Blue Patriot-brewed on 6/30, bottled on 7/21 Bohemian Bronze-brewed on 8/10, bottled on 8/31 Liberty Cream Ale(first 5 gallon batch)-brewed on 9/6, bottled on 9/27 Caribou Slobber(5 gallons)-brewed on 10/18, bottled on 11/10 Columbus' Cascading Ale-brewed on 11/2, bottled on 11/23 Chug-a-lugger-brewed on 11/27
  6. Good morning, everyone! I just bottled batch #3, Cowgirl Honey Light, on 5/26 after three weeks of fermenting. I used pale lme in place of booster, and I added the honey after 7 days of fermentation. This was also my first time using the Mr. Beer Carb drops at bottling time. I don't know if I'll use them again. They were fine for the 500ml bottles, but trying to cut them for my 12oz bottles was a little annoying. I might give batch priming a shot for my next batch(which will probably be the Bohemian Bronze), now that I have a 2nd lbk. I still have high hopes for this batch, because I think my temperature control was pretty much spot on for the entire 3 weeks. I built a "Son of Fermentation Chiller", and it's working really well. I was able to keep the temperature between 67 and 69° F with very little work. One frozen gallon of water has been lasting for 2-3 days. The mild weather we've been getting here has definitely helped,too(I live in Western Connecticut). I'm going to try to wait until the 4th of July to start drinking these, which would give them close to 6 weeks in the bottles(I just had surgery 11 days ago, and I'm still on pain meds, so I can't drink right now anyway). I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! [attachment=13549]IMG_20130508_172300_081.jpg[/attachment] I'm using a Coolerguys programmable thermal fan controller(I saw this modification on youtube). [attachment=13550]IMG_20130512_101042_090.jpg[/attachment] The fan's thermal probe is linked to the air temp, and I have another thermometer attached to the lbk to monitor the beer temp [attachment=13551]IMG_20130526_120403_554.jpg[/attachment] It's going to be tough to wait until Independence Day, but luckily I have a few bottles of Cherry Wheat left. The pipeline is slowly starting to grow!
  7. Hi everyone! I just sampled my 2nd batch today(Cherry Wheat), and it's delicious. I fermented for 3 weeks in the LBK, and I bottled 5 weeks ago. I also took the advice of the Borg and used Pale LME in place of booster, and added the pureed cherries after 7 days in the LBK. I sampled it at three weeks, but the bottle I had today was MUCH better! This beer has a really nice flavor. The cherries in the come through in the aroma of the beer much more than the taste, which I like. I'm starting batch #3(Cowgirl Honey Light)tomorrow, and I'm also building the "Son of fermentation Chiller". I just bought the foam sheathing today. Hopefully I finish building before my surgery on 5/17. I'll be on crutches for 6 weeks after that. I'll guess I'll just have to spend more quality time with my beer :cheer: Cheers, everyone! [attachment=13188]IMG_20130504_192145_100.jpg[/attachment]
  8. "RickBeer" post=362065 said:Welcome Alfred! I think you'll like Blue Patriot and Bohemian Bronze. In my pipeline and being enjoyed right now. Thanks! I'm really looking forward to the Bohemian Bronze. I was actually thinking about brewing that one soon, since I just bought a 2nd lbk. I like your hat, too.(HUGE Michigan fan. GO BLUE!!!)
  9. I've been searching this forum since the beginning of the year, and I've found tons of great information, so I thought I should finally drop in to say thank you(and hello). My name is Alfred, and I brewed my first batch(West Coast Pale Ale) at the beginning of the year. My second batch(Cherry Wheat) has now been in bottles for two weeks(after fermenting for three). I'm going to try to wait another two weeks to start drinking, but I did make one big mistake: I waited too long to start the batch, so all of my WCPA is gone. I'm definitely going to get a pipeline going, so this won't happen again. I just ordered another lbk, and I have ingredients for enough recipes to get me through the rest of the year. Cowgirl Honey Light, Blue Patriot, Columbus' Cascading Ale, and Bohemian Bronze are all waiting to be brewed, along with a can of the Mexican Cerveza. Thanks again for all the help you've given me! [attachment=12738]2013-02-03_15-26-47_232.jpg[/attachment] :cheers:
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