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  1. This is a one gallon cream ale recipe I found on line want to change from all grain to extract does this look ok. I used brewers friend. Ag 1Lb two row 0.25 flaked corn/maize 0.25 caramel 10L 0.25 fuggle hops Extract 1Lb light malt extract 2oz flaked corn/maize 2oz caramel 10L 5g fuggle hops. Og 1.045 Fg 1.o11 Abv 4.46 Ibu 16.5 Srm 4.69 I was thinking steeping flaked corn and caramel 10 for 20 minute at 160°f Would this work ?
  2. You might want to take readings then pitch yeast. the rest looks fine all depends on What works best for you . Let us know how your brew day go's .
  3. Hi glad youu found instructions, you can add sugar to water as it heating stirring to keep it from settling on the bottom of your brew pot.
  4. There are brewing instructions on mr beer.com under help desk . That you can download . I just bottled my first batch of mr beer hard cider today .
  5. Floodwood about 40 miles west of duluth What do you think about new Vikings coach ?
  6. Do you buy another packet of yeast. or do you split the one that came with the kit between two lbks.
  7. When adding dme to mr beer hme do I need to boil the dry malt extract, turn off heat then add hme, or only when adding hops.
  8. information at mr beer.com.says booster is corn syrup solids they don't recommend using cane sugar it will give your beer a dry taste and leave a cider after taste that will take longer to condition out .most here recommend using the brew max lme softpack.
  9. I brewed the everyday ipa,they say you will get nine or ten 12oz bottles I end up with eight the beer was good.you can get the mixes at Amazon with prime membership for 15 bucks .
  10. Will it help to refrigerated my beer, or leave it at room temperature . Will it ever settle down
  11. Happy with this brew,it's the brooklyn brew shop ipa that I made about four weeks ago,seems a little over carb I got a glass of foam,beer might have been a little warm didn't cool in refrigerator long only two hours .
  12. I was wondering if you can use mr beer booster for carbonation .
  13. :gulp: [attachment=14085]P7030173.JPG[/attachment] [attachment=14086]P7030173_2013-07-04.JPG[/attachment] this is at three weeks conditioning it a little darker then i though it would end up but it taste good light sunner lawn mower beer
  14. thanks for the the help everyone lots of good advice Wondering if it would be possible to do brooklyn brew shop kit as a mini mash with lme or even with a mr beer hme I don't have the space to handle two kit worth of grain not sure you could do it on stove top
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