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  1. if I ever figure out how to do a pic i will. crazy site lol
  2. me too! I keep trying to add a pic but this is the one site on earth I haven't figured out how to do it... lol
  3. promo sounds like free shipping but then I see the 49.99 thing.
  4. Anybody in this? Works good? thx
  5. trying to add a pic but having no luck
  6. go great with an Ice Cold Aztec.
  7. boo hoooo hooooooooo. I can't get my beautiful pic to load... lol
  8. no biggy then to drop the temp a bit for conditioning? all good stuff so far.
  9. getting more confused... lol I thought 2 weeks minimum ferm.... 2 weeks botted all from 65 to 75 degrees then 2 weeks or more to condition at 50 to 70 degrees. cept my Aztec which 8 weeks condition was recommended. then in the fridge for 2 days at least.
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