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  1. if I ever figure out how to do a pic i will. crazy site lol
  2. me too! I keep trying to add a pic but this is the one site on earth I haven't figured out how to do it... lol
  3. promo sounds like free shipping but then I see the 49.99 thing.
  4. Anybody in this? Works good? thx
  5. trying to add a pic but having no luck
  6. go great with an Ice Cold Aztec.
  7. boo hoooo hooooooooo. I can't get my beautiful pic to load... lol
  8. no biggy then to drop the temp a bit for conditioning? all good stuff so far.
  9. getting more confused... lol I thought 2 weeks minimum ferm.... 2 weeks botted all from 65 to 75 degrees then 2 weeks or more to condition at 50 to 70 degrees. cept my Aztec which 8 weeks condition was recommended. then in the fridge for 2 days at least.
  10. so the deluxe kit with the white pouch is basically more alc % ?
  11. Thx guys! at 8 weeks from bottled date I will have another taste test. My 2nd octoberfest is still brewing from 6-30. will bottle that in a week. my favorite so far but many more to try. any suggestion on something that might taste like blue moon??
  12. brewed on 6-3 and bottled on 6-20. I'll let it sit another week or 2.
  13. Popped my first bottle and it's pretty good. Not much head but nice clarity. I think I noticed a little cider taste and so did my friend. Common or did I mess up?? Check Pilsner also done so tried one of them. mmmmmmm! Me likey.
  14. [attachment=14070]73c.jpg[/attachment] Last piece and out of homebrew. Be nice now.... :shoot:
  15. hard boiled eggs in the smoker with cherry wood. very very good.
  16. Nice and refreshing. Good body. Head didn't stay long. Went great with some venny sausage, cherry smoked egg and some peppers. :cheers: [attachment=14030]629a.jpg[/attachment]
  17. still a rookie but for bottling I like the quart plastics. bought 16 of the 1/2 liters and ok but more work... I have never tried glass since the plastics are working just dandy. took 2 bottles of octoberfest and 2 of patriot to a fishing event yesterday and both were a big hit.
  18. cool! t . . . . that's for dr who. :banana:
  19. thx! I was hoping I would not have to add more.
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