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  1. Thx guys! at 8 weeks from bottled date I will have another taste test. :) My 2nd octoberfest is still brewing from 6-30. will bottle that in a week. my favorite so far but many more to try. :) any suggestion on something that might taste like blue moon??

  2. Popped my first bottle and it's pretty good. Not much head but nice clarity. I think I noticed a little cider taste and so did my friend. Common or did I mess up?? Check Pilsner also done so tried one of them. mmmmmmm! Me likey.

  3. still a rookie but for bottling I like the quart plastics. bought 16 of the 1/2 liters and ok but more work... I have never tried glass since the plastics are working just dandy. took 2 bottles of octoberfest and 2 of patriot to a fishing event yesterday and both were a big hit. :)

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