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  1. bottled up 16 1/2 litre bottles. put 1 tsp sugar in as per directions. filled to about 2 inches from top. 15 full and only 1/2 on the last so that one is toast. OK with just 1 tsp?? did it about 5 hours ago. Czech pilsner. thx for advice.
  2. I have a good sniffer and I like to have a sniff once in a while right beside the cap. But I haven't taken the cap off. You should get a slight scent from the vent holes. Inhale deeply grasshopper.
  3. "Joechianti" post=377976 said:I've been using PET bottles exclusively for 18 months and have never once had a problem with the caps cutting my hand. I just tighten them with my teeth instead. No, seriously, is it possible you're tightening more than necessary? I just go till they're nice and firm and have yet to have one flat beer. BWAAA HA HAAA those teeth would really work great! :popbeer:
  4. [attachment=13666]MrBeerPipeline.jpg[/attachment]
  5. so I found a deal for 12.66 from walgreens.com. ordered my vitamins that I needed and got free shipping. Will have 4 varieties in the fridge when the pipeline is in full production. Octoberfest, Patriot Lager, Aztec and Grand Bohemian Czech Pilsner. 2 lbk,s and 32 bottles. I better stop for a bit... LOL
  6. I too wanted to pull my hair out after 4 days. But with the help of the borg I was able to wait on my first brew. 6 weeks I made it and my first glass was outstanding!
  7. thanks guys! I just did the one stir as per directions and sprinkled as it said and left it alone to see what happens. Snowstorm in the LBK today so it must be working.
  8. The book I have says sprinkle the yeast in, let sit 5 minutes, then stir again. The newer cans say sprinkle in the yeast and screw on the top. So I stirred in the wort, sprinkled on the yeast and screwed on the lid. Ok not to stir it again? 3rd batch. AZTEC
  9. 2 bottles gone from the Octoberfest. really good stuff. Ordered another. Trying the Patriot this weekend.
  10. I have not sampled all of the beers on the planet yet so how could I possibly have a favorite?? :cheers:
  11. I've had 2 of the octoberfest and love it. Problem is, I gotta drop another 10 pounds by june 30th for a contest I am in so slowing way down on beer and carbs for a bit. Can I just let them sit in the dark or should I put in fridge after how many weeks? 7 1/2 weeks since start. Thanks ! ! !
  12. Color me happy. Gold kit, Octoberfest and a steel funnel, 53 bucks to my door. saved 36 bucks and free shipping besides! can I have a WOOT WOOT :chug:
  13. will for sure brew this again. love it! neighbor popped over for a taste test and he enjoyed it also.
  14. Me Likey! Octoberfest. [attachment=13456]MrBeer.jpg[/attachment]
  15. it'll be 6 weeks all together, then 2 days in the fridge for just one bottle or 2 to see how I like it.
  16. I was gonna say # 2 bottled but I caught myself... never would have heard the end of it. 2 more weeks and time to put a couple from batch one in the fridge a couple days and then try it.
  17. ya, I figured this wasn't really a lager reading some of the stuff. had to check with the pros tho cuz the borg knows. :cheers:
  18. almost 2 weeks now in the bottle for the Octoberfest lager. been at 70 degrees in the room and the patriot lager is almost 2 weeks in the lbk. ok to condition it at the same temp? I can put in basement where it's cooler if that is better. mr beer directions say 68 to 76 is ok but you guys know what is best.
  19. thx, could not find it here http://www.mrbeer.com/category-exec/category_id/181#kits'>http://www.mrbeer.com/category-exec/category_id/181#kits but found it here http://www.mrbeer.com/
  20. where do we go to find the deals? thx
  21. hydrometer ? I see a lot say to get one. check beer after 2 weeks to see what it reads? different for different beers? thanks
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