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  1. where to go... where to go.... I remember nice big Miller Lite plastic bottles on the golf course...
  2. you guys need to all move to my place...
  3. Well the bottles have not exploded so that's good! Pressure is there 4 weeks or so to go before that first taste...... AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I got sucked into the borg quick. but just another 8 quart bottles and another can to brew. spose it won't be long and I'll need another LBK :cheers:
  5. I've bought bottles of doe pee, buck pee, skunk pee, fox pee, coon pee........ never thought about drinkin it... by golly I'd be willing to test monkey pee! :stout: I bet it'd be strong!
  6. "Jim Johnson" post=365809 said: i only take 2 hydrometer readings the og and on bottling day the fg. so i can figure my abv. I have NO idea what you just said. I just wait and wait and wait, and then bottle. The octoberfest did have a very nice flat taste. this one has a great smell coming out the top so hopefully will be great. Only 3 days in the LBK
  7. MAKE UP YER MINDS!!! LOL I thought we as beerborg subjects all thought the same. :borg: some say taste, some say don't taste. AHHHHHHHH! I'm going insane!!!! :woohoo: P.S. Anybody seen my meds?? :chug:
  8. I'll have a small sip after 2 weeks
  9. Having fun being a newbeeeeeee
  10. tough waiting.... 4 weeks to go before I get to taste my octoberfest. just put a patriot lager into the lbk. brew # 2.
  12. who am I kidding, gotta start the next brew Monday...
  13. yepper, did the spigot. thx for the tips. next batch is patriot lager. probably will start it in a week or so. gotta fill those other 8 bottles I got. being my first brew I was surprised with all the stuff on the bottom of the keg.
  14. nice! I have 4 weeks to go for my first sip.
  15. Very nice taste to it and clarity was great. Question... I cleaned the brew keg by rinsing the heck out of it with warm water and using a washcloth. I'm wondering if I really need to use soap since I'll be using the no rinse sanitizer on it soon. One month or so I hope to have a nice pic of Octoberfest Vienna Lager in a Mr Beer Glass! [attachment=12902]MrBeer.jpg[/attachment]
  16. HEY ! This is America! Get your arse out there and hunt the mighty whitetail with that crossbow . Chalk it up to craps gonna happen with the GW... you were in the right. And if anybody gives ya crap about the crossbow, ask why they shoot a compound and not a stick and string... Shot my first with a bow in 1968 and chasing them ever since then. 2nd back surgery in 2010 kept me from going. Disabled now but with the help of friends I can get out to enjoy it. Just gotta be very careful. sold my 70 pound bows in 2005 and went to 60 pounders. 43 for target shooting and 55 at whitetails and turkeys. Shoulder problems. There's something special about bowhunting be it with long bow, recurve, compound or crossbow. Never give it up till the body just won't cooperate. I rifle hunted for many years also and really enjoyed it. Shoot Straight! :chug: P.S. went and looked and I see you are from Larimore. My dad grew up there!! Lisbon is my hometown. Always enjoyed going to see grandma and grandpa and uncles and aunts in Larimore in my youth!
  17. Being a bowhunter has taught me patience. I will fall back on my strength to be able to sit in a stand hour after hour, day after day to make it though this first brew. Temptation to draw back and release has hit me many times over he last couple days but with the support of the Borg my mind now sees it as "Unaceptable". Negotiation was irrelevant. I have been be assimilated.... I must comply.... and wait............. :sweat:
  18. I just know if my buddy pops over to check out the beer kit he gave me, we won't be tasting it in the closet...
  19. you guys need to start a support group! :cheers:
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