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  1. I got a little spooked when I read the ,don't use scented soap deal also. But I did rinse the heck out of the brewer with hot water so hopefully ok.
  2. just what I was planning. the room stays from 66 to 72 and mostly at 70. Did a little reading online and I was wondering why the directions said ready in 2 weeks. That got me to chat online with the Mr Beer rep. Glad I checked or probably would have been a waste and I would have chucked it. :sick:
  3. Thx, From some reading I see it's maybe a good idea to just chill a couple bottles after conditioning, then chill a couple more when those are gone. P.S. I used to sell windows... Brother in Law said one day..... that must be a real pain... lol That's my story and I'm stickin to it
  4. Got a kit from a bud with Octoberfest Vienna Lager. First timer. Talked with a gal at Mr Beer and she recommended 2 weeks, 2 weeks and then 2 weeks. Bummer having to wait so long but told I need to. Ordered 8 more bottles and an American Patriot Lager refill. Looking forward to learning the steps to making my own beer.
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