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  1. "Dizzon" post=372888 said:Over four weeks bottle conditioning I put a couple of them in the fridge for 72 hours and I finally popped one open.... I like the aroma (I did it straight up), the color and carbonation but my main concern at bottling time seems to be present in that with the high FG (1.019-20) this beer is kind of sweet with little to no bitterness. Not what I was expecting but still drinkable none the less. Pretty much exactly what I was going to post, except I tried one after 3 weeks conditioning. I'm hoping the sweet finish will condition out some over the next few weeks.
  2. Welcome! I'm new to the borg myself - a great place for information, I've found so far.
  3. Same here - I'm going to leave it alone, even though it may end up tasting much different than originally expected. I'm not trying to win any awards for hitting a certain style, so as long as it tastes good, I'm happy :gulp:
  4. I pulled a small sample of mine yesterday after one week of fermentation. It had a distinct "wheat beer" aroma and upon tasting it, a brief spicy bite at the beginning. Didn't notice any real IPA characteristics yet.
  5. Hey all, brewing my first batch in over a year! I had done 3 in the past, but then life & stuff got in the way. I started brewing the white IPA seasonal just over a week ago and remembered just how much fun this is! I've been reading like crazy over the last week and have learned so much from this forum, Screwy Brewer's site, and Palmer's intro to brewing. I wish I had known about these resources long before, but I'm glad I have them now. I'm looking forward to learning more and sharing what I experience as well.
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