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  1. so sorry for your loss, thanks for giving Coal a home, and love
  2. "Brewbirds" post=366067 said:Your doing fine. All you need now is: At least 2 more LBKs A hydrometer (actually 2 they have issues) A good thermometer (don't scimp on this item) About 6 cases of bottles (more is better) Bottle caps (2 lb bag should be a good start) A bottling wand A capper A bottle brush Some hop sacks and grain bags A slimline (or 2) An auto siphon A cooler for each LBK (for sesonal brewing) Let's see Joe, have I forgotten anything? :laugh: :laugh: thanks for the welcome everyone! I already have a hydrometer i got at the local brew shop, another box just showed up today from MB with a case of 12 oz plastic bottles (i'm sure i'll go to glass soon), some more one step and carb drops. I think my wife will "let" me spend about 30.00 every two weeks, next order may be some UME LME and another LBK and....... ??? i keep my house about 68-72 year round which should be good for most brews i'll do but i found myself at home depot today looking at mini wine fridges with adjustable thermometers, we'll see where that goes the patience part will be hard but i can do it! i think! :sweat: thanks again!
  3. Hello all, I am in big trouble, I am trying homebrewing for the first time and I already can tell this will be something I'll do the rest of my life, my poor wife already see's the $$$$ signs I'll want to spend :ohmy: :party: She bought me a basic kit for fathers day a couple of years ago and the kit sat since then, I was actually about to put it on ebay to try to sell it, but I decided to give it a try, the yeast was even out of date by a month with the HME (american light) that came with it but I decided to go through the steps to see if I would enjoy it, well i did and I ordered a couple more fresh refills, a bewitched amber ale is in the LBK now, almost 2 weeks now, i think i will shoot for 3 weeks after doing alot of reading here i have already ordered a second LBK and will be starting a diablo IPA soon I look forward to reading a lot, asking questions and contributing when I can, thanks in advance for the help and experience you guys put forth Joe
  4. i'm new to this, my first batch isnt even done yet but i saw this in a magazine today, never used them so i cant speak to the quality but they are supposedly re-positionable and re-usable... http://www.myownlabels.com/beer_labels/ anyone used them?
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