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  1. Thanks...I wasn't sure if it would drastically change the flavor or cause an explosion. Will it give the beer a "yeasty" flavor?
  2. My 1776 ale was the last of 4 beers that I made tonight. I was a little bleary eyed and accidently pitched both yeasts..brewers and 05. Any thoughts on what will happen?...should I worry about exploding LBK?
  3. How long can i keep my bottled beer without refrigeration? I have a cool basement and would like to create a nice beer cellar and need to know if I should invest in a second fridge?
  4. Thanks..thats what I was hoping for someone to say. This is my 6th batch and I have never had a wort with no sediment. I think that is what my main concern is...just give it time so time is what it will get. Already started on the cold one.
  5. just made a batch of whispering wheat 48 hrs ago and a very low krausen....and no sediment? Is this normal or could it be a bad batch of yeast? I made 3 others the same day and they all look great with high krausen and good sediment. Any suggestions would be great if there is something I can try to save this batch if it needs to be saved.
  6. Thanks...when you dry hop do you add directly to the wort or do you put them in a sack? Thanks again for the advice. I have made 6 beers and they have turned out great but just starting to feel comfortable getting creative. I have used honey and other liquid additives but first time with dry ingredients.
  7. :gulp: my question is when I add the Coriander and dried Orange peal to the wort for the last 10-15 minutes of the boil do I then just leave the sack in the keg during fermentation or do I take it out after the boil? Also the hop sack...is that the same process? thanks
  8. Oneonta...just drove through on way to Buffalo.
  9. Sounds like I need to learn about batch priming!
  10. 2 bottles of beer completely flat...American Classic Lite. This was my first brew and the good bottles were great! The flat beer bottles (PET) had a apple cidery flavor. I have purchases all glass grolsh style liter bottles for my other brews. What could have caused just 2 of the bottles to fail so badly when the others were soooo gooooood? thanks for the input, as a new brewer there are a lot of questions. mike
  11. Thanks for the advice...48 hrs and a great Krause
  12. Last night made my 5th batch of beer...a West Coast Pale. The exp date was 6/13 so I figured it was ok to use. I added Booster and a package of Smooth and used a new package of yeast 5gr instead of the 2gr pack under the lid. This morning there is NO krausen and very heavy sediment? Much more sediment than any other batch of beer I have made. The keg temp is 68 degrees? Is this normal for this beer or could it be too old? Very Confused? Thanks for any help. Mike
  13. I think that I may have killed my yeast.. I made a batch of Weissbier and forgot to use chilled water. The next morning I checked the batch and it was at 78 degrees, and this was after 12 hours. There was a thick krousen on the surface and I began to reduce the temp. I got it down to 70 degrees and the next day the krousen was gone and I dont see any fermentation bubbles. How can I tell if I killed the yeast and is there anything I can do to "fix" this? Thanks
  14. What does the LME soft pack do and does it make better beer?
  15. my son and I just made a root beer for him...they fermented for 3 days @ 70-72 degrees and were firm but not hard so we put them in the fridge. Today 24 hours later the bottles have alot more give to them. Does this mean that the carbonization has gone away or is this normal? Thanks...not my normal "beer" question but thanks if anyone can help.
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