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  1. Sorry for the long explanation, any advice would be appreciated. So I started my first batch about 5 1/2 weeks ago. I'm am gonna go over some of the things I did which I think I may have done wrong. First of all this was my first ever batch, it is a cowboy golden lager and I did no research before starting this batch. I didn't even know about these forums until after I started it. Anyways I went off whatever the mr beer booklet said to do. When making the wort I added 2 cups white sugar to the wort as what I got out of the booklet is that adding more sugar will give the final product more alcohol content, but now I'm wondering if that's incorrect and I misread it. Secondly I left the batch in the fermenter for 2 weeks let it carb for 2 weeks and then moved it directly to the fridge for cold conditioning. What I understood from reading online is that you want to do that with a lager but after reading into it more people were saying that all mr beer yeasts are ale yeasts and it doesn't matter that the beer title says lager. Anyways I was wondering if it was a bad idea to cold condition instead of room temperature condition. It has been in the fridge now for about a week and a half I tried some just now and it has good carbonation but it tastes kind of cidery and sweet. Should I leave it in the fridge longer or put it at room temp?
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