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  1. I did bottle prime unfortunately. I think i may just have one bottle that is a little less carbonated then it should be, hopefully it doesnt compromise the taste too terribly. I will probably decide to batch prime from now on using an empty LBK
  2. So I just checked my 1 liter PET bottles and they are all noticeably firm except for one. I didnt think there was anything out there to help at this point as it has already been about two weeks, but if i am wrong please let me know! if not, would drinking this particular beer in a week or letting it sit for another month help at all in making this beer taste better(not flat) when drank ?
  3. I have not had that happen but only have one brew that are bottled in the PET bottles. How much sugar are you adding per bottle and what type of sugar are you using?
  4. Let them sit another two weeks in the correct temperature and then bottle and let sit for a month. Since the temperature was hotter after a week, it may still not be completely terrible. It this would have happened the first couple days during the more extreme active fermentation then it may have turned out worse. The one thing i would recommend it to complete the steps and taste the beer when it is ready. Who knows, it may turn out very good still!
  5. love to see all the help here! when i purchased my first two LBKs off craigslist, the jerk sold one of them to me that was cracked! i did not notice until i got home and was too ticked off to go back. He was obviously not as concerned with the well being of the brewing community as he was with a few extra bucks :think:
  6. you are correct, i did not have my hydrometer when i did this first batch. I will bottle this saturday and move them on monday.
  7. I will bottle this saturday. If i try it and it is still a bit sweet like it was last week does that mean its not done?
  8. I will be moving hopefully monday of next week but will be bottling my first batch of brew this saturday. my question is should i wait two extra days to bottle at the new house and transport the full LBK or is it ok if i bottle saturday and then transport the bottles on monday or tuesday. I just do not want to mix up the LBK or bottles too much if it will harm it in any way.
  9. thank for your KIND remarks on HBT!
  10. i did use a bottleing wand to fill the growler. Again, this is just my first ever batch so i am learning as i go. I would probably not ever use the growler for this again but thought i could try it once and see my results.
  11. I am very excited i thought about this yesterday! I am currently brewing my first ever batch of beer which is the mr b mexican cerveza. Tomorrow will be 14 days into fermentation (which has been on my mind lately!) so i thought i might try something for the last week. I filled my growler up about 2/3 of the way with the mexican cerveza and put a stopper and airlock on top. I will be bottling both LBK and growler on the same day and hopefully will be able to easily taste and see the results of leaving in primary fermentation compared to doing 2nd fermentation! i have been debated doing my 5 gallon batches in two step fermentation so this will be good to experiment with. I only have one 6.5 g fermenter but also have a 5 gallon better bottle to do 2nd ferm in. to speed up the down time between batches i have thought about doing primary for 1.5 weeks and then another 1.5 weeks in better bottle before carbing and conditioning.
  12. after visiting the house yesterday, i may not need any cooling system this summer. It was only up to 70 yesterday but the ac has not been on at all in the house and it was at least 55 downstairs, very chilly! :banana: I went and checked the room i will be brewing and i never noticed that whole wall has floor to ceiling deep adjustable shelving! another great realization! With my house never going to exceed 75 in the summer and the ac running, this basement should stat between 60 - 65!
  13. thank you jim for all the info! i am probably going to make both of those DIY brew contraptions as they look very helpful. are you using a refrigerator as your chamber or what are you using to keep it cool if it gets too hot
  14. what is that with the cord on the right side of your chamber, an a/c or cooling device?
  15. I have found a freezer chest that still works but i would not use it as a freezer. just convert the interior to the plans that ken schwartz has for the son of a fermentation chamber. here is the freezer i found, do you think this will work/is it a good plan? http://ksu.craigslist.org/app/3773535231.html
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