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  1. I finally got to brew up my winter dark ale tonight and tried for the first time to rehydrate 1/2 a pack of nottingham yeast.I never rehydrated yeast before but figure its time to try some new things and see the results. I made it pretty much straight up with the exception of rehydrated yeast and a 1/2 lb of amber dme,never used that before either. Thanks again for all your responces,allways learning new things on this board.

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  2. Thanks for the quick response and the info. I think ill dry pitch half of the pack with this batch and rehydrate the other half with a different batch ill be making later this week just to see if I notice any difference. Thanks again and happy brewing!!

  3. Hi everyone im getting ready to make a batch of wicked winter warmer and want to use Nottingham dry yeast. Its only a 2.5 gallon batch.the yeast pack is 11.55g the package gives instructions to rehydrate it.do I have to rehydrate or can I pitch it dry and should I only use half of it or pitch the whole pack? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

  4. The ring was at the top of the lbk actually Had a little over flow from the vents.Its botteled and put in a cooler in a closet.Ill check it in a few weeks to see how carbonation is going.I'm leaving it alone and wont try one for aleast 3 months.If its good ill let itsit and serve some at thanksgiving. Thanks again for the advice and info. Everytime I come here I always learn something new.

  5. Hi everyone I have a batch of Belgian spiced ale that has reached the 3 weeks in the lbk.I took a small sample to taste and to clear the spigot before putting it in bottles.it has a mild spice flavor but tastes a little sour.I also noticed what looks almost like mold floating on top inside the lbk

    Is this a sign of being contaminated or is this normal.I let it ferment at 70 degrees for the entire 3 weeks.its in a fermenting chamber and the temperature never varies more than a half degree either way.Ive made a few batches of different mr. Beer brews and this is the first time I have seen this.

  6. Hi everyone.Ibrewed my Belgian spiced ale last night.I got the wort down to 70 degrees and pitched the yeast. I decided to leave the spice bag in for the full fermentation.I checked it this morning and the yeast seems to be quite happy.I have my chamber set to maintain 70 degrees with a half degree either way.This will sit for the full 21 days then ill check to see how it is.

  7. Hi everyone. I am getting ready to brew a Belgian spiced ale that I just picked up. I read the directions and noticed there is a somewhat wide temperature range to ferment it at.could anyone tell me what a good temperature would be to let this ferment at.I use a fermenting chamber made from a mini refrigerator with the stc 1000 controller so I can keep the temps pretty close. Thanks and happy brewing everyone.

  8. Hi all first time posting here. I have been using Mr. Beer for about two years with pretty good results. I just started trying new things like adding Lme and hop pellets. I just made a new batch using a patriot larger-American light-lme soft pack and 1 oz liberty pellot hops and used saflarger s-23 yeast.I wantednto get as close to a larger as I could.The yeast was a little out date and my local brew store said to double pitch it so I did at 55 degrees. The one thing I forgot to do was stir up the wort in the keg before I pitched the yeast.I have it in the keg at 53 degrees and can see some signs that the batch is fermenting but I have never fermented at low temps.when you ferment at lowered. temps is there less activity as fermenting at higher temps.

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