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  1. Thanks all for the replies! I do have a fermometer on the front of LBK and it reads a constant 16-18C (60-64F). There are three temps colored on the fermometer and i just use the one in the middle. Also it is still pretty cold here in Hokkaido(Northern Japan) room temps are about 11 degrees C at night and warm up to about 23C(with doors shut and all. I have the LBK in my ghetto ferm chamber( old tv stand with 1 inch insulation inside). I also keep a thermometer outside the chamber and one more inside in the back of chamber. I figure it might take a bit longer for fermentation to complete b/c of lower temps, but there is thick layer of krausen and drub on the bottom. So far so good. I have read that lower ferm temps make the beer "cleaner" and less cidery tasting. Is that true? Thanks again
  2. Been a long time since I last posted here. At least 7 months or so. maybe more. Anyways, I just started brewing again. Brewed a Muntons American Style Light Beer kit. It was the Premium can with blue label. 3.3 lbs. I just used the whole can in the LBK because it was set to expire next month, and time constraints.. ;( Brew went well. Took and OG and it was 1.052 (Qbrew had it at 1.056) pretty close. Now the wait. I figure it will turn out with a hoppier taste but its ok. Might be getting a 5 gal fermenter soon, so I can then have two going at one time.
  3. I made this recipe a couple months ago. Been conditioning for 9 weeks now.. Have tried a bottle every week since the fifth week. and time does add to the flavor.. Tastes great now!
  4. Thanks for the feedback! and the info about carapils. will have to try that soon. Also, didnt know about priming with DME. thats sounds good too. Thanks again!
  5. This is the GBCP recipe from Mr Beer. I fermented for 3 weeks and yesterday made 4 weeks conditioning, so i decided to try one. It has a lot of flavor, but seems to still be a bit "green". I figure only time will help.. Also, there doesnt seem to be much head retention in this one, as well as the Aztec Cerveza(5 weeks conditioned: 1st taste) i did earlier. Was wondering if more conditioning will increase it , or is it just a type of beer with little head retention? The carbonation is fine, no problems there.. But on the whole, it was a big step up in taste/quality from the Aztec Cerveza( for me anyways). AZ Cerveza was just an as is brew though. Thanks again to the Borg for the much needed advice i received! :cheer:
  6. "BrownstotheBone" post=387734 said:Ha! I just brewed my second batch last night and it was .... Mexican Cerveza. What a difference after getting some great education from everyone here. 1. Recorded pertinent information in my new journal 2. I had a list of tools and equipment I would need to sanitize and had everything in order better for the brewing process. (1st time Mr.Beer video had me sterilizing measuring spoons you don't need for weeks ect..) 3. My HME and LME was soft and flowed right out of the can because I let it set longer in warm water. 4. I recorded a OG hydrometer reading after sterilizing it and put the sample back in. (won't happen next time/taste test) 5. I had experimented with temps and re-freezable ice packs and water in the keg for a week in my cooler and have that situation under control. (first batch just set in the basement) 6. Dropped $100 at my LBHS on a vinator and tree, Star San, capper and caps, faucet bottle washer ect.... It's official. I'm hooked. Welcome to the Obsession! I've seen that phrase mentioned here a lot, and finally get to say it.. :cheers:
  7. Thanks for all the positive encouragement! Appreciate it. I do think limes will be in order when i try the next bottle..
  8. "beaureve" post=387490 said:Great! :laugh: Now I'm also conditioning Mexican Cerveza and I could have some hopes being well (or being not so bad) after watching your photos. By the way I'm also going to brew Partytime Pils (already bought all ingredients. :cheer: ) and now you're conditioning.. I would be glad if you leave some reviews when you open yours. The Mexican Cerveza is still a bit "green", tastes a bit cidery. I figure another week or so can only help.. :cheer: The Partytime Pilsner will be ready to bottle next Tuesday, and I followed the recipe instructions , with added info from the Borg. I have much higher hopes for this batch..
  9. Aztec Mexican Cerveza.. Been 5 weeks in bottles yesterday. tried one last night, but seems to be a bit "green" yet. It looks pretty good and smells like beer :laugh: But might need a bit more conditioning. I have read here on the Borg that 6-8 weeks is a good range for this beer type to condition out? Also not much of a head on this beer, but the carb looks good.. I added some pics, hopefully they show up. had problems with pics before. Thanks again for all the help! I can call myself a home brewer now.. albeit a noob... :gulp:
  10. Just bottled the Czech Pilsner. I used the Partytime Pilsner recipe from Mr Beer. The OG was 1.046 and FG was 1.010, which was right on the money with Qbrew.. So far so good. Now the wait again.. I have the Aztec Cerveza bottling now at 3 weeks, hopefully will get a taste next week. I plan on trying a Stout recipe next.. Gotta get the pipeline flowing!
  11. "mashani" post=380092 said:If you find Muntons GOLD kits there, or the Woodforde Kits that Muntons also makes and are just like Muntons GOLD kits, then you can use 1 of the 3.3# cans that come with them in an LBK and make really good beer. One of those kits contains two 3.3# cans, so you get 2 LBK batches per kit. No need for adjuncts or extras, they are completely self contained. You may just want to get a second pack of yeast to use with the other can, they only come with one pack of yeast. Thanks! I have tried looking for them, but no success yet. i might be able to order on Amazon though..
  12. "RickBeer" post=380049 said:Lots of discussions on the forum about this - try a better way to search described in my sig. In short - you can use 1/2 the can and 1/2 the added malt they require, then put a layer of cheap vodka on the top of the remaining HME and store covered until you're ready to use it, in the fridge. LME or DME should be used instead of the 2.2 lbs of sugar they suggest. I made Munton's Nut Brown with 3 lbs of LME, split into two LBKs. Fill to the 2.5 gallon mark (top of the Q in Quart), not 2.13 gallons. Thanks again for the info! This sounds like a good idea.. I do plan to get a second LBK, but for now this might work..
  13. "Chuck N ™" post=380126 said: "Chuck N ™" post=380066 said:I would imagine that the reason Mr. Beer won't sell in Japan is because Mr. Beer is owned by Coopers and Coopers won't allow it. But! On to your question; What I would do if I were you is get a second LBK, make the whole Coopers batch as per instructions and the split the batch between the two LBKs. Oops! I guess I should read the post a little better. I thought we were talking Coopers kits.The rest about splitting the batches I hold to though. Thanks for the info.. I can buy the Mr beer and Coopers on Amazon, but shipping is expensive.. But i do intend to get a second LBK.. that would solve most of the problems. plus i get more beer! Thats always good. Japan has a strange home-brew law: You can brew, but it has to be 1% or lower?? But they never check, and they actually have home brew shops here (online) that sell all the brewing ingredients and supplies.. lolz! I think only if you intend to try and sell it, they might start noticing. I like to call it the "gray-area" laws.. They have a bunch of them here..
  14. Living in Japan, its easy to buy these kits here, rather than ordering the Mr Beer kits from Amazon( Mr Beer wont sell here).. Anyways, my question: Is it ok to use these kits with the Mr Beer LBK? they are 1500g or 1.5 kg,( made for 5 gal batches) I guess i have another question as well.. Is it ok to use half the can and save the other half and if so, can i just put plastic wrap over it and leave in the fridge? Or should I store it differently? I guess that ended up being about 4 questions.. Sorry for the newbie questions, just trying to make the brewing process better..
  15. Thanks for all the feedback!! Lots to think about.. and hopefully good beer to drink will come from all the thinking. :gulp:
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