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  1. Ok, thanks. I did use a new bag this time. It is a bit coarse. I have a pait strainer to strain into the lbk so that should thin it out hopefully.
  2. Just did my second biab tonight and pulled a sample after i took my nag out. All seemed fine but i noticed some particles in the wort. When i took a smaple, here is what it looks like: Is this normal? About to add my first hop addition bit i am worried.
  3. That is an entirely different problem I have, but a good point. Took me about 40 minutes with an ice bath and sticking the LBK in my empty freezer at full blast for about 15 minutes. Got it in the mid 70s. I was just wondering about the DMS since i wasn't aware of it before my last brew and am pretty sure my lid caused the off flavor. I can make sure to leave it off for the boil this time, but will it be bad to leave it closed while bringing to a boil? My birthday is coming up and i have made the wife aware of various gift cards i need for my new hobby so these problems should be a thing of the past soon, but i just have to brew NOW! I will probably delay this one until tomorrow night, though.
  4. I know there are a few threads on this subject, but I just want to make sure I understand. I am stuck on my electric stove for now and ever since I upgraded to a 32 qt pot i've needed the lid to help my boil. The last batch I had tasted a little like corn after 2 weeks in fermenter. I kept on closing and opening periodically. This brew I am planning tonight will require less water to boil in my BIAB setup and I should be able to sustain a boil with the lid off. Getting there still takes a while though. If I leave lid on to achieve a rolling boil before my hop additions, there will almost certainly be wort that drips back down from the lid. Is this a problem if i plan to take the lid off for the whole boil? Will that "DMS producing" water just re-evaporate back into the air when i reach a boil?
  5. Sitting here enjoying my Very FIRST batch of beer. The "Big ole' Czech Pilsner", getting ready for the Blackhawks parade from work tomorrow. :party: First of all, what a difference 4 from 3 weeks in the bottle makes. The cider i tasted last week is slowly fading into a good sweetness the dme i added must have contributed to. I only wish i didn't massacre the hop sacks/ amounts and this would have been perfect. Anyway, i just finished bottling my Mexican Cervesa and noticed an internal bubble in the plastic of my LBK. I got a second one (a gold kit) to build a pipeline and this one seems to have a growth i did not notice when brewing the cervesa. It does look scratched on the outside near the bubble, but not on the inside. The back of the inside just seems like a bulge in the plastic. The size of it is about a AA Battery right on the back wall of the LBK along the line where you can tell they seal them. Cause for concern? I'm about to do my first LBK size BIAB and don't want anything to go wrong.
  6. Going to try and do this recipe I found that is Gumballhead-like, but since I don't have a mash tun I'd like to try and do it BIAB if possibe. I had a couple of questions: 1. Since it only calls for about 5 lbs of grain, I'm guessing I can do it in a 12qt. pot since my mash volume should be somwhere around 1.5 gallons? 2. Can I do a continuous sparge instead of a batch sparge? I'm thinking since I will loose some water to grain abosrption, I can just sparge with a tea kettle @ 170 to get the volume over 2 gallons and do my hop boil? If I'm a little short after the boil, I'll just top off with water? 3. Any idea on the conversion from 2.75 to 2.13 (LBK size)? I plan to put it in Beersmith tonight but was just curious what some of you would do with the amount of grain and hops after conversion. 2.75 Gal Batch Size 75% Effeciency Qbrew says: OG-1.053, FG-1.013, IBU-28, SRM-6 2.50 lbs. 2 Row Pale Malt 2.25 lbs. Red Wheat Malt 8 oz. Caravienne Mash 1.25 qts./lb. Mash 60 min @ 154* Batch sparge 10 min @ 170*. All Amarillo (8.2% AA). .25 oz. FWH 60 min. .25 oz. 15 min. .50 oz. 5 min. .50 oz. 1 min. 1.5 oz. Dry Hopped 5-7 Days SafAle US-05 Ferment at 66*.
  7. Going to try this recipe from BigFloyd that I found in another thread because it seems like an easy one to try steeping for the first time and I have a can of CAL: .5 lbs German medium Crystal – steeped 30 min Just a smidgen of Black Patent - steeped30 min (not needed, but I had some on hand) .5 lbs Briess Light Golden DME Mr. Beer American Light HME refill .5 oz 2012 Fuggle hops pellets at finish OG 1.044v Pitched Mr. Beer ale yeast (dry – rehydrated) at 73F Primary at 68F (measured on side of LBK) Dry hop with .5 oz Fuggle at one week FG 1.011, ABV = 4.4% Batch primed to 2.3 Just had a few questions so hopefully Big rolls around but if not, what does the Borg think? 1. Should I only do about 1/2 gallon of water for the 1/2 lb crystal steep? When I just steep (no mash), I don't really need to sparge, right? 2. The Fuggle hops I add at finish, do those just get poured into the lbk? No boil? Then dry hop the remaining .5 oz about 5 days before bottle? 3. Anything you guys would do different?
  8. Thank you both! I have just started to get more daring with my brews as i have only been doing this for a few months. This place is so filled with great info i barely have to post. Wish i would have started this hobby years ago.
  9. This was my first time pitching a vial and i shook it like my life depended on it. It was a White Labs Irish Ale yeast and it fizzed out of the cap. Some of it got on the table, but i would say a good 3/4 of it got in the keg. What i'm worried about is that I didn't sanitize the vial and the yeast was pretty much oozing around the vial and dropping into the keg. What are the chances my St Patty's day stout is infected?
  10. First time poster here. Got my very first batch of Bohemian Czech Pilsner fermenting in the LBK right now. Added a lb of light DME for it in addition to a Saaz hop boil. I know, bold for my first time but everything looks good and according to plan on day 6. Once I bottle, I'm going to start my St. Patty's Day Stout next. Mine didn't come with an LME can or a booster, so I'm thinking about stirring this in addition: https://www.chicagobrewwerks.com/briess-traditional-dark-dme-1-lb/dp/464 Would that be a good choice or is there something better from that store? Should I stir that in while heating up, bring to a boil, then "flame out" and stir in the HME? Would the Mr. Beer pack of yeast that came with the can be sufficient? Also, what cheery/raspberry add-in should I look for at the local grocery store? Or maybe something from Whole Foods? Thanks!
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