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  1. Hi folks - I'm a fairly new brewer and have tried to follow the advice of the community which is to not get too fancy to quick, but just brew some of the basic refills and get used to the flavors as bases upon which to build. Having done a few batches and, in preparation for the fall months, I'm planning to venture into new territory by brewing a chocolate porter based on the American Porter refill. I've read some other posts were brewers complained about the MrBeer "Chocolate Porter" recipe which calls for dark brown sugar and unsweetened cocoa powder into the American porter HME, citing irritating conflicts between the two flavors. I also read advice against using solid chocolate because of the oils. In light of all this, I'm contemplating a very simple approach which would be to add a can of Hershey's chocolate syrup (a 16 oz. can would be pasteurized, I'd assume?) into the boiling malt before pouring it into the LBK. So, boiled, pasteurized chocolate syrup into the American Porter HME. Any thoughts for the neophyte? Eric
  2. Hey - thanks to all you guys who gave good advice! To make a Blue Moon clone, I'm going to try the Belgian Blanc recipe first and see how that goes. If we're not totally happy with that, we'll try the Spring Seasonal. Sounds like we've got a couple good options to try. Thanks again! I appreciate your help!
  3. Hey everyone: I've just completed my second batch of beer with the MB system and am loving it! Now, my wife is not a particularly adventurous beer drinker, but pretty much sticks with a couple standards when we drink beer together. 1) Blue Moon or 2) Strawberry or Cherry Wheat. Since I'm a newby I thought I'd ask if anyone out there can give me some direction on which refill pack I should start with to approximate a Blue Moon and which refill pack I should start with to add some strawberry or cherry concentrate to approximate a sam adams cherry wheat or strawberry wheat? Gotta keep the wifey drinking with me!! (-: Thanks for your help!!
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