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  1. CAL seems to be one that requires a little longer to get rid of that cider taste....At least 6 weeks, sometimes 8.........After 3 months mine never really got rid of the flavor all the way though
  2. ~6 weeks in the bottle......flavor starting to finally come through but still green
  3. I'd test one first, Seems alot of people say 8 weeks.....Im at 8 and green taste is finally starting to go away........
  4. Id try waiting until 6 weeks in the bottle to try it again...seems the consensus is , it doesn't really "taste" until about 8 weeks total......Im at 9 weeks and it still doesn't taste good...Nothing went wrong, it just doesn't taste good, lol. So I wouldn't expect too much
  5. I have the exact same recipe I will be brewing up in about 3 weeks... A guy on youtube has a series of videos regarding the West Coast Pale Ale...Based on his videos and comments, and other things I have read, it really doesn't taste good until ~6 weeks or so
  6. Nice - looks good...got about 2 weeks in the fermenter right now for my Party time Pilsner
  7. Yup mrbeer.com .. just snagged a camillas folly and one of their new ones - forgot the name
  8. Probably just needs more time like the others have posted....I brewed some American Classic Light in the middle of May, getting there - but still not quite right
  9. Has been in Bottles since June 5th If I remember right......... Threw one in the fridge over night to see if it was ready......Still has a slight cider taste, sweet, but the taste of beer is coming through....Carbonation is okay, I used about 1.75/1.8 teaspoons instead of the 2 and 1/2........Carbonation is right along the lines of a Coors light / bud light, which would be too much in other beers but good for this style..... Still need about 2-3 weeks conditioning, Ill check then, hopefully they will be ready. There is no head because this pic is after I drank about half the glass....... [attachment=14023]IMG_20130628_140106.jpg[/attachment] Yesterday I bottled up some Northern Brewer Caribou Slobber, just gotta wait now......
  10. buffalo, kinda close lol
  11. Hello all, first time post here. Bought a MR beer kit about a month or so ago one sale and started with the included CAL...Heres is my timeline of events, lol. Created : May 16th 2013 Fermentation : Day 1, No activity, Room Temp Day 2, no activity in the morning..Room temp. Checked again later at night - some activity present. Day 3, morning, looked like it was going to explode, temp rose a bit, close to 76-78, most likely because it was a hotter day combined with fermentation activity...had to relocate to basement where its a good 10 degrees cooler Day 4, still activity, maybe a cm or so of trub Day 5, everything seemed to settle down Day 6 - Flew to Germany until June 4th June 5th - Smelled like flat beer, tasted like flat beer, bottled. I was a little worried because my beer was very cloudy, but bottled anyways. I have since invested in a hydrometer Bottling (Done June 5th) - Mr Beer 1l Pet bottles. MR Beer says 2 1/2 tsp of sugar, I did about 1.8 Day 1 - Nothing Day 4 - Bottles hardening, still very cloudy Day 5 - Bottles very hard, seemingly overnight they have cleared up and look great. First test : June 29th. Still not ready to drink. Carbonation is good, but beer still has a cider taste...I think I now know what other guys mean when they say that "extract twang"..Taste of beer is starting to come through though, hopefully 2 more weeks and it will be more drinkable. I am making my way up to more advanced techniques. My next brew with be MB Oktoberfest with Smooth LME. After that I will do MB Czech Pilsener, with LME, and Saaz boil, essentially the Partytime Pilsener recipe but with Czech hops.
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