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  1. I had a small blowout as well the other day, cleaned it up and I guess it wasn't done because it felt the need to make another mess LOL
  2. Well, that should keep you busy for a little while :woohoo:
  3. Just bought a couple :woohoo:
  4. Mine came in at 7.1% using screwy's calculator OG 1.058 to FG 1.005 It's a dang nice one to drink and I'll be leaving a six pack aside for vacation in October. Think I'll pick up another one to do.
  5. Close enough for who it's for
  6. Oops .999 lol so used to putting 0's in, nearly 1.000.
  7. "LBK" post=387581 said:FWIW, I hit 1.046 on my straight up bewitched amber ale. :chug: Just to check my hydrometer, it's reading 0.009 from the same water source I used to brew with. All my gravity readings posted here are temperature corrected. Before starting a new one up today (I have 3 LBK to use lol ) I'll see about checking how much the LBK actually holds at the 8.5 quart line.
  8. Makes me feel better I'm not messing up somewhere. I do usually try and search for what others on here have gotten for readings just to compare. Be interesting to see where my fg comes out vs yours.
  9. I just did a straight up Bewitched Amber Ale (BAA), hit all the proper marks on the LBK, got everything I could out of the can and it seems the hydrometer only hit 1.046 vs the predicted recipe OG of 1.058 in qbrew. Going by that program, I came in just above the minimum OG. This has been a trend in all my brews and it's just bugging the crap out of me haha. For the size, it's set at 2.13 gallons.
  10. I made the switch to glass recently, I like it better. Opening a PET bottle was sometimes just more than I wanted to drink. The 12's have definitely lasted longer for me vs the bigger bottles too. Then the worry of scratching up the PET bottles when washing/cleaning them is gone also.
  11. Tried 1 after 10 days in the bottle, it was great tasting. I did mess up on the carbonation though, little too much. Looks like an upside down blizzard with a good snow pack.
  12. Popped one at 1 week just to see how things were going, they're going good Going to keep my fingers off it for a good while now. It came out to be 7.1% ABV and it sure felt like it.
  13. I've had a couple at 2 weeks and another person, not my favorite but its not bad either and no complaints. Trying my best to keep my hands off them to let them condition out.
  14. I have trouble having one left at a month old in the bottle. Really need a time lock case to keep from drinking this stuff lol
  15. Looking like I might be bottling tomorrow or on the 4th if the readings don't change. The sample I had the other day was nice. I need to empty some glass bottles quick haha.
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