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  1. We are the proud owners of a 38 year old 1000 gallon “Turd Coffin” and leach field. We’ve had it slurped out twice in 25 years. Didn’t even know where it was for the first 16 years as it was buried four feet underground with no risers on the solids, grey water side or the “D” box to the “field”. One it was dug up we installed risers on both sides of the tank. We started having slow drainage of grey water into the leach field which I mentioned to slurper dude last time he sucked our tanks and my wallet dry five years ago. He recommended products from a company that they use, REX-BAC-T® Technologies. He’s already sorry he did I’m sure! I put out a lttle coin initially to “shock” our field back to life, kill tree roots in it and the “D” box and once that was done it started flowing properly again. Now I just add their monthly bacteria pack to combat the anti-bacterial soaps, shampoo/conditioners, tooth paste mouth wash, brew sanitzing stuff etc . . . Where we live you can’t put a new leach field in anywhere near the old one and they require that the new one is an “engineered” system. Quotes ranged from $8-10K and that was IF we even have replacement ground that will pass the perc testing required! Given that we have a creek 150' downhill from the tank our options were further limited. It was a drop in the bucket cash wise to get it working right and cheap to keep it that way.
  2. Thanks but it was bottled over two weeks ago with fingers crossed. The "password reset" feature on this site has been down a couple weeks, at least for me, tried it daily. I forgot my password long ago and lost the auto login cookie on my computer when I dumped all cookies during a recent cleanup. The site would not acknowledge my reset request and send an email containing the reset link/token until I tried two days ago.
  3. This is a box stock 2003 Seasonal White IPA in LBK after 21 days of fermentation at a 64-68 degree temperature range. The debris had been a solid firm film (similar to ice on a lake) prior to removing it from an ice chest and up a flight of stairs to the location I use for bottling. Firm "Yeast Cake" or STD/infection, what say the Borg?
  4. Do yourself a favor and quit building your ten day post count by interjecting worthless crap into posts!
  5. Rick, guys like you are the only reason I continue to do business with them. You should be on the payroll . . . sorry for the RANT!
  6. Thank you Sir! I've been lurking here and buying from them since shortly after you signed on. Your input is greatly appreciated as has been your highly valued assistance!
  7. Thank you Rick, I experienced the old site and preferred it. *RANT ON* I may not be quite at a grand with MRB but damn near it! I've purchased all the stuff I use mostly from MRB including but not limited to hardware, refills and ingredients of all varieties. 3 LBKs, new spigots, couple dozen PETs, replacements caps for same, hydrometer junk, all the tools offered, spigot attachments, temp stuff both stick on and non MRB industrial . . . the list goes on. Doesn't really matter, I'm currently a loyal customer but wouldn't have viewed your highly valued response if I had I not sought it out. Much of the allure to brewing or any other hobby is gleaning information from more experienced hobbyists like you, hence expanding ones knowledge base and driving one to not only continue the hobby but expand ones horizons . . . the boat for that sailed when the site changes took place IMHO. Modern forums have a "reply" notification that is sent to ones email as you know . . . this current junk is totally archaic at best and I know that is hurting their customer base given my background in I.T., sales and the research that went along with it during a career that spanned nearly four decades. As an example, I fish and tie my own flies . . . I buy my stuff on-line from vendors who have robust member web sites filled with knowledgeable people who are willing to share that knowledge . . . Mr. Beer doesn't capitolize on or foster that to their deficit and hence my consternation with what is otherwise an enjoyable hobby and experience. In other words . . . were I CEO, I'd fire the "Marketing" Director and I.T. Manager in a heart beat!!!! Just my $.02 . . . not directed at you by any means and I hope these people look at this forum once in a while . . . Perhaps a bout of swearing would help? ~SMILES~ *RANT OFF*
  8. Thanks Rick! OFF TOPIC - Since you and Gophers6 have received recent accolades on the site I have to ask you both . . . do you think the powers that be will ever make this web site "Robust" like that LME? The level of technical sophistication as compared to every other forum I belong to is so poor and sub-standard that I'm considering taking my business elsewhere despite their ability to proficiently take and ship orders. I've spent nearly a grand here (peanuts I know) and expect a state of the art web site so information flows smoothly which would ultimately advance their business significantly. Instead I have to visit posts I've made to receive responses and the list of FAILURES just goes on and on and on, it's a sad freakin' joke!!! Reminds me of the Affordable Care Act web site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~PISSED~
  9. Hmm, "Between the Rivers" in "Skull County", home of "The Celebrated Jumping Frog" eh? Ever been to Snowshoe via Summit Level Road? Howdy neighbors ~SMILES~
  10. Many thanks to all for the helpful and reassuring input! Yes gopher6, I was fortunate to have that one in a closed ice chest or I'd have a file cabinet full of gooey documents. We have a lovely old family heirloom dresser (square nails/skeleton key locks), the Wife would have buried me in it had I done what you did . . . hope you've recovered! ~ BIG GRIN~ I started a Bewitched Amber Deluxe the day after, worked it the same way and placed it in a closed ice chest right next to the St. Patrick's at the same temperature, it behaved . . . go figure? Guess that's the difference between a smooth and robust LME, when they say robust they mean it. The ice chest routine is mandatory at my place where day/night temperature swings can be 60 degrees outside and 20 or more inside. Fortunately I have three different temperature zones/locations in the house to choose from that remain constant. Thanks again folks . . . Bob
  11. Right on Rick thanks for the reassurance! It was a first out of nearly a dozen batches so I wasn't sure what to make of it . . . greatly appreciate the assist!!! ~Thumbs Up~ Bob
  12. Thanks mcrow, there ain't no other caps R there? ~SMILES~ I dug through some other posts where folks experienced some wild activity the first few days with the Winter Ale styles including a cap blow OFF. I'm aware of the built in venting and that's where it came out of . . . I think I'll be fine. I've done many of these Winter type Ales, this is my second round with this particular one only I added LME of the Deluxe refill this time. Next time I'll avoid the overly "virgorous" stirring I did to introduce oxygen prior to pitching the yeast which I believe "let her eat" in excess! ~GRIN~ Much appreciated!! Bob
  13. St. Patrick's Irish Stout Deluxe Refill with no additional adjuncts, it’s in an ice chest just in case something like this happened. Cap was secured in the same manner as previous batches. Checked at day two and all was well, it's now day five and the cap leaked about three table spoons at some point in the past three days as evidenced by the dry residue remaining where it ran down the side of the LBK but it is no longer leaking, temp has been a steady 70 degrees. Inside the LBK, the top shows signs of contact with of the contents at some point. This is about the sixth batch through this particular LBK. -Do I need a new cap? -Is the temp too high? -Is the batch possibly ruined? -Should I just ride it out? What to do, any thoughts or recommendations would be appreciated! Bob
  14. Thank you! I've been lurking and learning here over a year now, you folks can't hold a candle to the weirdness of Public Land Use forums I've belonged to for well over a decade. I don't find beer folks here fighting amongst each other like we did in the service nearly four decades ago either!!! :woohoo:
  15. Thank you all for the warm welcome, nod to the past and advice! :chug: I have well over 100 12 oz. glass bottles collected from places around the world but they are for display, front lit on a shelf near the ceiling around my pool room as a finishing touch and for additional lighting. Time to drink some basic bottled beer I guess, switched to cans long ago since they don’t pay squat when recycling glass here in CA and bottles take up too much space since they don’t crush well. We live in the woods twenty+ miles from a recycle center so I save crushed cans until six 30 gallon trash containers are filled . . . please don’t force me to tell stories by asking the obvious question. :pound: Had a commercial keg setup in an old fridge w tap on the door but had to shut it down when I couldn’t get rid of all my “BFFs” any other way! If they’d have just split a round of Oak for every round of beer they drank I’d have kept it. :lumberjack:
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