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  1. Im not jumping ship.... Im just not getting as inspired as I was reading all these new posts on the old forum... Inspiration leads to motivation
  2. So I am attempting my first lager using lager yeast. The batch is in the lbk in my wine cooler right now fermenting at 55 degrees. Now my question is after I bottle do I need to condition these beers at that same 55 degrees or should I leave them out at room temperature?
  3. This forum sucks now.... I havent learned anything from the wise ones since nobody posts here after the update
  4. Ok so this brigids blond recipe has given me the most trouble out of any mr beer recipe.. Smack pack didnt work probably the reason mr beer changed the yeast in the newly reformulated recipe...1 day shy of three weeks still has foam on top because I threw in a pack of dry yeast after three days of no activity...og 1.072 just read a 1.020 gonna read again tues too see if it is done... Tried my sample for flavor and it tastes funny like sunny d.... Might be my first infected batch will arill bottle and have the mind set to condition this one till new years cause its been so sketchy
  5. Its ok every time i post a picture on this forum is shows up in a different direction tried it all
  6. Yea with booster does not taste cidery or anything but its very mild very little hop flavor very little flavor at all
  7. Recipe is ehhh.... Will I drink it yes..... Will i recommend it no.... Soso
  8. Howling red ale was really good
  9. All I can say is throw away every bag of booster you get and substitute... Str8 up every recipe I have made with it has a tang that wont go away
  10. Lol i would be the next john bobbit if my wife saw an order like that
  11. I am working my way towards an order like this one day
  12. My wifes pissed lol I used alot of her zephyrhills today and she doesnt have a delivery for a couple weeks lol....i have a closet in my spare bathroom that is right next to the ac unit pretty much stays at 66 degrees in there... Got my lager in the wine fridge first try at a lager
  13. Yes it does but now im just thinking about bottling day fml
  14. Just finished up 6 batches this morning...lincoln liberty lager, all american gold,whos your hefe,blue patriot,cherry wheat, and powerful patriot ale....think i will go crack a cowgirl honey light i have been conditioning for 6 weeks and call it a day
  15. I will take the readings in a couple of days. I followed the instructions on the smack pack. I did feel like the pack was kinda swollen when it came from ups already.
  16. Ok so.. I brewed the brigid's blond mr beer recipe...this was my first attempt at using liquid yeast...anyways after everything was all done the lbk sat with no activity for three days to I got nervous and threw in the leftover pack of dry yeast I had.... Next day this recipe produces more foam and krausen I have seen since starting this hobby...in 5 days this beer will have reached 3 weeks in the lbk and there is still foam on top? Has anyone had beer ferment longer than 3 weeks? It has been in the 64-70 range the entire time.
  17. Man this home brewing is finally paying off.. My first few were ok...they keep getting better this howling red ale recipe is just delicious so smooth man im hooked
  18. Beats me but all i know is i have used booster a few times and would stay clear of that crap..... Feel like everything I have made without it has conditioned in half the time
  19. Tastes exactly like sam adams boston lager to me
  20. More bitter than I my normal but best mr beer recipe i have made no cidery taste at all think the biterness covers it up
  21. Pretty excited to see 379.5 new beer recipes today just ordered 3 new brews to add to my pipeline...wife is pissed but no beer shall be missed
  22. Not sure the abv didnt own a hydrometer yet.... Was one of my first batches ... Have done 12 in the last 3 months used boosters on first couple before i realized it was the devil
  23. Yup tastes like gangster malt liquour straight up steel reserve strong as hell too...
  24. Holy crap! This beer wasnt doing anything so i threw in one pack of the dry yeast... Now its been 3 days of the most krausen i have seen out of the 12 batches i have brewed. This is freaking me out a bit there are so many bubbles that this looks carbonated in the lbk curious to see my final readings
  25. I just brewed this having the same problems wort was 66 degrees when i pitched the yeast had some foam last night. Been at a steady 66 degrees and seems like my yeast isnt awake like normal hoping day 3 it has some action
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