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  1. Any suggestions on how to make an easy pumpkin beer?
  2. I'm gonna start my Oktoberfest... how long should I wait for it to brew before bottling, and so on...?
  3. twyjad


    My first bottled beer has "gunk" in the bottom... what's the deal?
  4. I just filled my bottles on Saturday... one of the bottles is way harder than the rest. Thoughts? Plastic bottles
  5. I guess what I'm asking... is what is cheapest in the long run?
  6. Which bottles sold by Mr beer are best?
  7. Which bottles are best to use?
  8. twyjad

    day 4

    Thanks, I remember reading that... but it was a blur then
  9. twyjad

    day 4

    So, let it sit in the bottle for 4 weeks in the dark?
  10. twyjad

    day 4

    Bottled my beer today... now what? Drink it in a week?
  11. Where can I buy Mr beer refill on discount?
  12. twyjad

    day 4

    Its been 2 weeks? How do I know if its ready to bottle?
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