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  1. I brewed this using an extra lb of pilsen DME. Bottled it on Aug 10th and drank it last night. Probably my best beer to date.
  2. Thanks, I'll put it way in the back of the fridge too, where the temp stays more consistent.
  3. I want to a single packet on two separate brews, both are low alcohol. According to the packet, I should only use half the yeast (which is good because it saves me money). 1. How should I safely store the 2nd half of my yeast? I would assume in the fridge 2. How long is it good for? I would like to store for 3 weeks, then do my 2nd batch Thank you for your responses.
  4. @robertl6: That is exactly how I would have interpreted it, thank you for your response.
  5. So, despite my last post where I claim success, all the other bottles are again like the first one. This was bottled back on July 13th. It's been almost three months at room temp, even after 2+ full days in the fridge, I still get that awful watermelon taste. I don't know if I would call it 'cidery', as I often see that term thrown around here for people's beer that they aren't happy with. I'm a little frustrated. I have several more batches in various stages. I was really hoping that 2+ mos would make it more drinkable, but it doesn't seem to be the case.
  6. For example: http://www.mrbeer.com/product-exec/product_id/1400/nm/Slap_Hoppy_Stout1 Mr. Beer states: "Suggested lager time is 3-6 months." Are they referring to letting it bottle condition for 3-6 mos? If so, at what temp? The instructions (at least on the website) don't go into any further details. I would assume that they mean to bottle age it for 3-6 mos at room temp.
  7. Brewed it this past Sat. I was blown away by the unfermented product. It was practically like molasses when I poured it. It 'erupted' a little through the top of my LBK, first time a batch has done that!
  8. I'm rather glad I asked. Saving time is one thing, but cutting corners is another. I'll just make it up an hour or so before I need it. I guess if I'm really excited, I could make up some Star San, which I have a jug of.
  9. Regarding the cleanser that comes with the Mr. Beer kits... To cut back on brewing/bottling time, I was planning to mix up the cleanser about 24 hours in advance. Is it still good to use 24 hours later? I know Star San is good for a few weeks, but wasn't sure about the Mr. Beer powdered cleanser. I want to make it up the night before to save time. I find that it takes FOREVER to dissolve as well.
  10. I have 1/2 oz of 'extra' liberty hops leftover from another brew. I want to add them to the Staggerback Stout recipe. I am debating two methods to add them: 1. After I melt the brown sugar into the water, boil for 8 mins or so. (Haven't decided on the time yet). 2. Toss into the LBK right before screwing on the lid to ferment. Which method do you think will give me more flavor? I know doing a boil with hops with no DME or grain in the water won't give me any flavor. Think the brown sugar will help retain any hoppiness? Speedway Stout uses liberty hops in their stout and it's one of my favorites.
  11. So, after another 3 weeks conditioning at room temps, I chilled my beer for 2 solid days and give it another try. In the words of Borat: great success! The over fizziness/foaminess is completely gone. It pours with a rich head, instead of foaming up like Old Faithful. Most importantly: the 'watermelon' flavor is gone. At first I was a little concerned, but after letting it open up for about 10 minutes, the beer really came to life. It wasn't nearly as hoppy or complex as I was hoping, but it was a solid IPA. I would say it definitely rivals some of the mainstream IPAs I've bought in the stores. Definitely not on par with a micro/nano brewery IPA or my favorite (Sierra Nevada) but I'm more than pleased with it and look forward to more brewing and different recipes in the future.
  12. Thank you alb, I'll keep that mind as well. There was very little sediment on the bottom of the bottle. I'm going to give it at least another 2 weeks before trying again, and do 2 full days in a fridge. This Friday I bottle my Pils and put the Azteca into the LBK. I'm just going to keep moving forward.
  13. Thank you RickBeer. I suspected as such. I will give them a few more weeks. I'll be honest, I did not have it in the fridge for more than a half day. I wanted to sample it, even if it wasn't ideal. But I figured it would need MORE time to condition. Anyone else ever get that 'watermelon' taste? I've heard certain yeast types will make it worse than others.
  14. For my first brew, I tackled the Santa Catalina Pale Ale. I felt I followed the process pretty closely. I got a nice foamy top in the LBK within about 24 hours and it certainly smelled like a good beer. I fermented for 3 weeks and then bottled and carbonated for 3 weeks. I did a pretty good job of keeping both LBK and bottles around 70. The beer came out 'ok'. First thing I noticed was that it was SUPER carbonated. When I poured it into my glass, I got a ton of foam, probably about 1 inch of liquid and the rest of the pint glass was all foam. It settled out after about 10 mins, no big deal, although it did taste a little over carbonated for my liking. The taste was not what I was hoping for. It definitely tasted like an IPA, but it had an overtone of what I call 'sour watermelon.' I used to brew at a 'brew on premise' location and I often got this flavor when I let the bottles condition for too long. Similarly, I usually had the foam problem when I also let them condition for too long. I think I already know the answer to my question, but here goes: will conditioning another couple of weeks help reduce the undesired flavor?
  15. "Grapes and Grains" post=374801 said:Thanks Mr. Beer! I was wanting a second lbk and the scratch and dent deal was to good to pass up. Thanks from this 23 year veteran. Deal excepted! You can get just a LBK for $10 anytime. Also, I ordered the scratch and dent kit during this sale. Nothing was either scratched or dented.
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