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  1. I was going to bottle today but its not a good day. So next week I'm on vacation and I would like to do it then. Right now it's 31/2 weeks -
  2. I guess that's why the bottle of "dark lord" that my son gave me in 2008 is worth something! I'll save it for a special occasion! :stout: :stout: :stout:
  3. What a GREAT helpful group of new friends ! Kitchen is empty, house is empty - here I go ! BIG RED ONE - hopefully at Christmas i will enjoy the fruits of todays labor !
  4. Are there any other tips you can offer? GoBlue !
  5. I purchased" big red one" to make my second batch ever. Everything seems the same as far as the process.But how long do I condition this? Can I condition for 6 months ?
  6. New brewer guy here! So, what's the difference between carbing and conditioning? Either way it's 4 weeks, right?
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