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  1. Agree with the conditioning time :silly: and am anxious to try another batch - same corner of the bar, same temp, same water & process. In another life I was a chemist; I like this hobby!
  2. "RickBeer" post=388517 said:Which Mr. Beer extract did you brew? Just the MB Biere De Saison seasonal extract (larger can), and the Belle Saison yeast included were very lively yeast (and in a larger pack)! So I'm inclined to trust the lab results and the taste just based on the expected parameters, but don't know if I can repeat it; I'm certainly going to try!
  3. Just reporting my results; the seasonal beers are twice the quantity of the normal refills - so ABV should, according to the MB site, be around 6.5%. I didn't brew with any expectation otherwise. The yeast packet is also larger in these kits, and that may have something to do with the final results My fermenter also was in the range of 74-76 F through the process (not cooled), so a warmer fermentation may have boosted the alcohol content; I didn't add anything extra; very active fermentation for several days. And yes, you can use a number of on line calculators to get final results when alcohol is present with a refractometer, and this one is a rather accurate lab refractometer. How accurate these on line calculators are is something the Borg may have an answer to; the final result from this batch is very pleasantly alcoholic, and I would guess from my too-extensive experience with single-malt Scotch that it probably is close to 8%, but just my guess .
  4. Did brew rather warm (74-76 F), pretty well calibrated Hanna digital refractometer which is spot on with my other brews that are less ABV, and it was 1.7Kg. 1.62 OG (15.2 Brix) and 1.002 FG (6.3 Brix and FG calculated on Northern Brewer site - http://www.northernbrewer.com/refractometer-calculator/); other calculators gave similar results. Multiple readings (only takes a couple of drops; read after initial bottle, couple or three bottles in and final bottle). More importantly, it tastes like 8% (actually, 7.8%); no significant off-flavors that I can detect. Go figure....
  5. Just used the MB 1.7kg extract and nothing else - sort of rushed this time to get it kegged up; Belle Saison yeast. I've substantially doctored other extracts, but this was the straight stuff, and seems to have all the right qualities as-is. Surprised at the ABV, but this batch of yeast was really happy from the get-go! I did cold-crash before bottling because there was quite a bit of trub, so guessing it will take a full 4 weeks for cleanup or maybe even longer....
  6. Just pulled a test bottle of MB Biere De Saison after 10 days in the bottle. PET was showing definite signs of pressure, so thought I would test the 500ml swing-tops to see if disaster was imminent - what a great beer! I used Cooper's Carbonation Drops in a previous brew of Oktoberfest Lager (1 per 500ml bottle), with the result of very light carbonation even after a month of conditioning, so I used 2 CCD per 500ml for the Saison, with some trepidation. Even at 10 days I can tell this brew will be awesome when conditioned out; good carbonation beginning, spicy notes with slight fruity tartness, just the right hops; seems unlikely any of them will pop a gasket before done, so I may stick with 2 CCD for the 500ml - definitely seems to provide better fizz. Also came in at a hefty almost 8% ABV according to the electronic refractometer! Can't wait for the final result and to start another LBK!
  7. I brewed a MB Apple Cider previously (not ready yet), to which I added 1.5 cups sugar, started at 1.055, finished at 1.015. All the Pear had in it was the original 20 ounces of extract, so it seemed ballpark by comparison. Likely should have added extra sugar here as well, but MB instructions didn't indicate it.
  8. NxQ!?


    "neo71665" post=384553 said:If you can find 22 ammo. I'm down to 8k rounds and nobody has it in stock at a reasonable price. Big rifle rounds are even worse. I really gotta start reloading but got too many hobbies. Tsk-tsk, all this long gun talk, probably scoped; you can borrow some of my .357 SIG out at 50 yds; a more sporting proposition for the poor swing-tops....
  9. NxQ!?


    I sense a disturbance in the Force regarding swing-tops.... :whistle:
  10. NxQ!?


    Soooo...as a point of reference for those who do use swing-tops, Brewcraft has the long 500ml swing-tops (http://shop.brewcraftusa.com/P-2276-1/Amber+Flip+Top+Bottles%2c+500+Ml+---+Case%2f12), which will fit in the C&W crates....
  11. Did start a batch of MB Pear Cider today, with 1 lb. lactose added to the boiled water before extract; OG was 1.044 so not extremely heavy on the front end; no other additions. We shall see....
  12. NxQ!?


    "RickBeer" post=384063 said:For bottle bombs you want plastic that holds liquid so you don't have a mess. I use file boxes from Staples that are 100% free after Staples Rewards (you get your money back to spend at Staples). I have 4 of them. Thanks all - not so much worried about the cleanup (on the basement floor by a drain) but the shrapnel! That's one reason the swing-tops seemed a good glass alternative to PET - really sturdy bottles with thick glass, plus slightly larger than 12 oz., so fewer bottles. Problem is their size, which seems not to fit in anything standard (looks like about 3" bottoms). Pretty much given up on plastic bottles, so I'll keep looking; good job on the custom crates BTW....
  13. Just started using the 16 oz swing-tops, and I wondered if anyone had any recommendations for conditioning storage for the bottles? Right now I'm using the cardboard shipping box, but I would feel better (bottle bombs) if I had sturdier storage crates. Can't seem to find anything to fit - C&W has great reinforced crates for up to 12 22 oz, but not made the width of the swing-tops, although I can just put fewer bottles in the crate (I can fit 8 in the 12-22 crate). Any suggestions from the Borg? Thx!
  14. Had the same issue with 2 of the 16 out of a batch after a couple of weeks in the bottle. One Cooper's drop per each, and fairly light carbonation when tested; the bottom popped back with the pressure released, but likely weaker now for future use. I use them now to check carbonation in my swing tops.
  15. Out of curiosity, tried some when it arrived, and it tasted like a hybrid of plaster of Paris and library paste. Will this stuff really sweeten up my cider? Looking for something on the lines of Woodchuck; maybe optimistic!...Thanks all!
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