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  1. Hello All, I gave it another two weeks at room temp and it tastes great now. Amazing what a couple of weeks will do. Thanks all.
  2. Thanks Folks, This is helpful information. Grogg-This
  3. Hello All, I have been adding a booster to each batch. I will be testing the final gravity on my next batch to see what the actual benefit is. (with my brand new thermo-hydrometer). My question is, if you were going to get one addition for a batch, i.e. Booster, lme/dme pack, hops, etc. Which one do you thinks is the best to add. Thank you, Grogg-this
  4. Thanks Everyone for your replies. I just bottled a different batch (In a different fermenter), of Canadian Blonde with a booster. I tasted it as I was bottling it, it tasted so good, I wanted to drink one right then. It does appear to be an infection :evil: in the other fermenter.
  5. Thank you for the quick responses. Vinegar may be inaccurate, If I had to choose one flavor I think it would be Lemon. But it may be the same issue. Either way I will take it back out of the fridge for a couple weeks and try it again. If it is still nasty, I will dump it. For the Gasoline taste, I assumed it was because the recipe called for a bunch of brown sugar and maybe 2 weeks in the fermenter didn't give it enough time for the yeast to break down the brown sugar. But now I am rethinking my fermenting environment. I am doing it in my basement, and it stays at a pretty steady 72 degrees. Sounds like that may be too warm. Again, thanks for the quick replies.
  6. Howdy All, This is my first time posting. I am new to brewing but have been learning lot since I started. This is my 3rd batch that and so far I have not had much success. My First batch was the American Light that came with the Kit, it ended p tasting like watered down Busch Light. Not great,but drinkable. My Second batch, I got ahead of myself and tried the "Ole Mole Stout" Recipe (Without the Chile powder), and it tasted like gasoline. it took a more will power, but I was able to drink it as well. (But I was glad when it was gone). Now I have just opened one of my 3rd batch "Mexican Cerveza", the only thing I put in this was a Booster pack. It has a very strong vinegar taste. so much so, that I don't think I can bring myself to drink it. :sick: Does anyone have an idea on how to get that taste out of there? Any help would be appreciated. Currently Fermenting: Ruski Pilsner Moose Drool Lager Currently Bottle Carbonating: St. Patrick's Irish Stout.
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