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  1. Yeah... that's right! Thanks for the suggestion.
  2. Thanks to all for your responses. Really appreciate it. A couple of ideas there that I will implement ASAP. I only found a Walgreens styrofoam chest in which the LBK fit in perfectly. Am using a 1.75 L soda bottle of frozen water switching out about every 12 hours. Going back to Walgreens to see if I can find some of those stick on thermometers. As for the names... well... I can only assume you caught onto it's "unintended meaning". I swear that it was unintentional - a name used for characters I had when I went through my World of Warcraft days. If anyone is curious, PM me on it and I can elaborate. Overall, I threw together the first stock batch (American Light) and I have no high expectations all though I do see it was simple enough. Just wanting to get a feel on things, read up on things here and then get cooking. As for the Beerborg... :borg: Been assimilated a long time ago as a drinker. My conversion should be complete as a brewer!
  3. Hello fellow beer-drinkers and aficionados! Well, fathers day came around and my daughter (a chemist) decided to give me a Mr. Beer kit... and well... here I am! I hope to gain much needed knowledge so I can enjoy one of my favorite drinks. I am wondering if the temperature here in Puerto Rico will be a bit too much for home brewing. Not planning on investing in equipment until I know I have the techniques required to brew down to a good understanding of what I am doing. Later on as my skill develop I may consider additional equipment and such. With this in mind, I have seen a couple ideas on how to deal with heat. Any additional ideas besides a couple I saw in the Brewing 101 series?
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