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  1. How does leaving it in the fridge longer make the head less?
  2. 7 weeks at room temp (all the rest are still at room temp), in the fridge for only two days. Interesting, not sure why would more time in the fridge matter? It wasn't overly carbonated, just a lot of head (3-4 inches in a pint glass) when poured slowly. Sit in the bottle opened before pouring?
  3. I tried my first bottle this week after about 7 weeks of carbonation and it had a ton of head. It took several minutes to settle so I could drink it. It did, however, taste great. I used 2/3 of the amount of sugar recommended by Mr Beer. Will the amount of carbonation settle out with time or continue to increase?
  4. Sorry Gopher, that bit of info would've been helpful. I've got 1 liter PET bottles and 16 oz fliptops. Not sure yet which I'll use. I'll check out the site RickBeer mentioned, but looks like the consensus is 3/4 of Mr Beer recommends. Thanks to all who commented.
  5. I'm bottling my second batch this weekend after 4 weeks in the LBK. What amount of sugar per bottle have you guys had success with?
  6. I'm read a bit on here and in Palmer on hydrating the yeast before pitching. Several say yes, do it but other's say it doesn't matter. Is it a matter of opinion or does hydrating really make a difference? Same question for aerating the wort. I did neither on my first batch and it seemed to turn out ok. Was I lucky? Hydrating/aerating - necessary or anal-retentive overkill?
  7. Any issues with halving a recipe? In cooking, this can cause problems.
  8. When I first posted here in early summer, someone posted a link to a nice, comprehensive guide on brewing. I didn't get a chance to save it off before they changed the board format and now can't find it. Can anyone help?
  9. Thanks to all. It's a deal at $15. Does anyone happen to have the flavor profile for it so I can know what to expect?
  10. Was this something MB discontinued? Someone nearby is selling a new kit for cheap with this included.
  11. I picked up a Nut Brown Ale and a Bewitched Amber Ale at the last sale. Going to brew one this weekend.
  12. First taste - not bad but not outstanding. A little "fizzy" tasting, sort of like soda water. I assume more time in the bottle at room temp might help? We opened one liter and shared it (no trub issues) but I have another two bottles still in the fridge. Can I take those out and let them "steep" some more are room temp or should I leave it in the fridge?
  13. My daughter and her fiancé gave me my Mr Beer kit as a gift and they're coming in this weekend for a visit. My first batch will be at 5 weeks in bottle this Sat so I'm looking forward to a nice unveiling with some smoked ribs and corn on the cob. Anyway I can screw up at this point if I haven't already?
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