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  1. so I know I miss-measured the sugar while bottling. I am using the 1L bottles and in my over eagerness I used 2 tbsp. not the 2tsp.... I only did it to 4 of the 8 L bottles though. What should I do or expect because of this mess up?
  2. Any other Arkansas Brewers on here? :cheers:
  3. good advice, will give it a shot right now!! Thanks
  4. My first batch started on 17 June. I can't wait until it is ready to go!!! The one thing I worry about is the "trub" did I say that right? There seems to be alot of it right in the botton of the keg which seems normal. But there is also a bit right next/on the tap also. So should I worry about that at all? Or is it normal to have that in that location?
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