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  1. Just got a few more items, delivered today. 5 gross metal caps 32 plastic bottle caps Bottle brush (just in case) Hydrometer (third, just in case) LBK (6th, just in case) el Diablo Blanco IPA KTs Caramel Apple graff POTUS Honey Porter Turncoat IPL American Burleywine Blue Patriot Patriots Pride La Vie Boheme Saazquatch Imerial Pilsner Uncle Monkeys Dunkel Camillas Folly Spiced Christmas Ale Also went to the ultrasound appt. today, Its (gonna be) a Boy! We were planning on a third girl, My oldest, soon to be 13 is our son. So two girls (8 and 2yrs), two boys. Wifey wants to shop for boy gear, so I am happy for that, and she is happy and waiting for end of Dec to have a baby and then get her drink on! She could only do a drink or two/week, but I think only 1st trimester or something...now she has to wait.
  2. Just brewed up Columbus' Cascading Amber Ale. Wanted to bring a bit more color and flavor to the show. Tried to use the "craft" series refill and picked out that one. Was thinking between a few and that one seems to stand out from a few others using the Bewitched Amber Ale craft HME. OG 1.059-60 (still trying to get accurate sights on the hydro!) I went commando with the two 1/2oz hops It was supposed to get the 1300g HME and also a Smooth softpack.... BUT after I finished I took a peek at the softpack pouch and noticed... PALE! omg, not sure how this will turn out but either way it will be good, lol (smiley) Anyone think this will have a negative effect? Other than the color not being as dark as it should, do you think the flavor will be drastic? Thanks
  3. Here is a link to the 13 Recipes they have listed on the MB site. https://www.mrbeer.com/category-exec/category_id/30 Some of them are just adding this or that. or some add in much more. Rose's Rambling Red has mixed reviews, but most that I have read is good. It is in my top 5 of recipe brews to brew next. hth
  4. Yes very few reviews. And yes, there are a couple recipes with 5 or more reviews, but that is the exception. I did see a Rickbeer review on there for JamaicanMon I think. There are tons that do not have ANY reviews and also all the new have none. As mentioned, there should be tons of reviews. I would think that they have to be verified before placing them on the site, and looks like maybe they stopped doing that. Some are recent though. Maybe I should try to review to see if it will be put up?
  5. Folks, what do you think? Spending all day, everyday searching for forums, signing up, posting spam, and then doing it again and again..... Do you think you could actually get a sale? I would say possibly one sale out of 1000 forums....at most Unless it is somehow automated, that would probably take about 40 hours minimum. I think adwords would be a lot cheaper lol CL would even be free if they need to go the cheap route. :banana:
  6. I guess mods on here are slow So lets have fun!!! Boot Scooting Boogie!! :mow: Sneaker Feature Use your kicks to run away That's what friends are for!
  7. Nice little set up area. Not sure how sturdy that shelving thing is, but possibly setting it up on its end will allow refill cans on the bottom with tools and notebooks etc in middle and top shelf. Might need a bracket to secure to wall as to not tip over. Just my thoughts. But with the peg board, that could also be used :banana:
  8. Welcome!!! :chug: There is a nice sale, but there is also MANY new recipes on the MB site. The recipes are standard refills, with something added. Maybe just 1/2oz of hops (included)or just brown sugar (you provide) or LME (included) etc. If you like the cowboy maybe search by your style or your HME base on the site. Otherwise, congrats on your first brew!!!
  9. Is this the original or newly reformulated recipe? Did you use booster?
  10. Try brewing as is to see what the flavor is to start. From there if you like it, then get another recipe and tweek it. Just cant say what you personally would like or dislike. The booberry gobbler is in my future batches soon.
  11. Made my full list of ingredients up. Turns out no liquid yeast. 12 packs of upgraded dry yeast though I got some cider, which will be interesting When I first started to try beer long ago and such, I hated it. I used to get ciders and love them and also Amaretto Sours, yum. The only HME I did not get was the NWPA But a nice selection otherwise. Looks like I might have to order a couple more during the sale, maybe.
  12. rickbeer has some good advice to help out. Since it is a sale, getting the more expensive recipes will gain better savings. And most recipes are very similar. So if you get one with say, HME, LME softpack, Hops,etc it may only be $1 or two more to get one with an extra soft pack or extra hops. That is where the savings add up. You can also get a recipe that is for howling red, but find one for $5 more that has more and just stick to the howling red recipe and keep the extra for another brew. the 25% off sale is a nice sale, and yes too much to choose from, so good luck!
  13. Rickbeer, Thanks for the insight, some REALLY good ideas there. :banana: I may have to post an ad looking for an adoptee! Yes, the liquid yeast will be up to bat first, as it has to be fresh. Yeast starters can also be used to for ones a couple weeks out. AND you are correct on the review mess on the site. None to be found and the ones that are found...some are for other refills??? I read some that were mixed up or from another something or other. With a huge corp as coopers, they should work on that review thing a bit better. Maybe with the forum revamp, they will then have a site revamp, lol. Thanks everyone for the funny's haha. They're GRRRRREAT! And anyone that lends feedback, I thank you! With having our 4th child on the way (Dec13) time is not on my side, however, now Mr Beer has made more time and I can not only homebrew my beers, but can spend more time with my kids. edit: Also, I cannot see AG brewing in my future (at least not near future) so MB does all that work for me, and that is the price that you pay, which is fine and dandy. Not unless a brewery is started....lol already been thinking. Rob
  14. The funny thing is moments after I placed the order, I thought ohh shhhhip, i forgot a few things. Shoulda got a couple hydrometers too.....oh well can place another, as the recipe sale is good until end of month. Talk about overboard, you dont wanna know my history, lol. Was just at St Boniface tonight, the newest brewery in town. Serious hops going on in their brews, but mighty tasty (not too big of a hop fan also) Not sure if there is a brew out there, but one of my futures will be hopgasm for sure. That is what came to mind. Wanted to ask if they do that inline fresh hop tap system thing, geez Yeah, I want to keep this thread as my journey. A memo to keep in mind of all the thoughts and ups and downs. I woulda had a different outlook if MB didnt allow the order, but since they did, I will praise them every step of the way. Having owned many a business (35 yr old) I know that they prob had decided on this, and yeah 7 packages ranging from 12-36 lbs, it will hurt...but they'll make up for it. Prob same day, lol. My first order only a few weeks ago 4 MR.BEER® Gold Beer Kit - Scratch n' Dent! 1 1776 Ale 1 Belgian Blanc (archived) 1 Bavarian Weissbier 2 Oktoberfest Lager They didnt have the scratch n dent after that....as I went back for more.lol. Drinking the Oktoberfest and Czech Pilsner now (bottled just over 3 weeks ago) Oktoberfest needs more body- which I just read can come by being in the fridge for a few weeks. I will try to condition room temp another week and try again. The Czech Pilsner, now this I like. (Bottled 7-3) Little low on flavor and body, no head. Carbonation nice, bubbling in the glass still (half full) Light on the eyes. A bit green and touch of apple, but flavor is good overall and hops are balanced just the way I like. Almost reminds me of a watered down lager with a touch more hops..best one liner to describe. I have the aztec Cerveza and the Bavarian Weissbier up to. Only tried the Cerveza a week or two ago (about 1-2 week in the bottle) yeah, not ready lol. Still beer though. Will wait prob another week or so to try again.
  15. I saw the sale and thought it would be a good time to "stock on up" so to speak. 'been reading that most are driven away from the prices etc, but I know that I like the simplicity and also not having to split a 5 gal recipe....kinda difficult for some. Mr Beer not only had the great sale on recipes, but they also honored a coupon which dropped my jaw. :charlie: Only been brewing just over a month, but I do know that I like beer, and I do like brewing, MR Beer, and partial steeps, and full steeps. I seem to go overboard on a lot of things, but again I needed to get in at good prices, so I did. Ordered tues night and it was shipped today. I expect it delivered tues/wed next week. Here is my list of recipes: Defibrillator Doppelbock Snake Eyes IPA - NEW! Novacaine - NEW! Boysenberry Tart - Newly Ref Wild Wheat Apricot Wheat - NEW! Blackperry Trio - NEW! Booberry Gobbler - NEW! Cheery Cherry Perry - NEW! Who's your Hefé? German Hefeweizen - Newly ref Brown Eyed Girl Heavy McWee That Voodoo That You Do - NEW! Columbus' Cascading Amber Ale Cowgirl Honey Light Surly Dog IPA Sutter's Gold Chocolate Covered Cherries Bohemian Bronze Rose's Rambling Red Chocolate Porter Olé Molé Stout Dad's Favorite Cream Ale - NEW! Pumpkin Weissbier Shillelagh Stout - NEW! The Velvet Velociraptor - NEW! Rhapsody on Blue Downtown Amber Ale - NEW! Ye Auld Dubliner- NEW! Munich Malt Monster - Newly Ref Brigid's Blonde - Newly Ref Liquid Daydream - NEW! Blonde Ambition - NEW! Biere De Framboise Double Black Diamond - Newly Ref Hop Head Red - Newly ref What The Helles, Bach? - Newly Ref All American Gold - NEW! Yes, that was my order, along with a 5th LBK (mostly for back up and bottling keg) and bottling wand/spigot and spare airlock for my 7/8gal bucket. (realized I needed a second airlock to brew in the bucket after racking wine to carboy and using airlock) I have to compile a spreadsheet or list of ingredients to then list the exp dates etc and also know that I can yield to the original recipe and sway over to a new brew by adding in hops, using different yeast or simply adding LME or DME Would like to finish that this weekend before it arrives to take inventory and also stock it up nice until needed. (someone wants to help compile list, that would be great just let me know!!!) So this is the thread of my journey I plan... to take a stroll down Mr Beer Lane! Post any thoughts and recipes that would benefit a tweaking.
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