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  1. had this happen to me once and a couple weeks after my second krausen i was able to bottle and the beer turned out ok
  2. if you want to experiment a litttle bit........ instead of refill kit get some dme or lme,hops and some yeast and build your own great tasting recipe or just adding some hops and changing out this yeast that comes under the lid on the hme works well too
  3. mr. beer has cancelled it
  4. i have 2 mr beer kits......one i bought a while ago and a newer one that has the new smaller bottles...anyway to me the spigots seem different like the new one just opens and closes much easier than the older one does. even when the old one was new i remember it being kinda hard to open and close the spigot which put alot of stress on it when bottling. anyway i fear that i will have a broken spigot in my future especially with this older spigot.......which will result in a lost batch,money and something that cant be replaced my time not to mention the huge mess im thinking i should get a new spigot before this happen to me
  5. its gonna taste like that at this point so bottle it up and wait 4 weeks then you will be carbed and conditioned
  6. i use 1/2 teaspoon of sugar which is suppossed to be half of one of those lil drops and my carbonation is just fine
  7. yea like brian said just keep an eye on them it might even take a couple times to loosen caps to let out that c02 ive had bottles kinda warp a lil bit without exploding so you should have some time before that actually happens i keep my bottles in a cooler just in case
  8. hey man welcome to homebrewing...... its awesome!!! anyway yea its gonna take a while to make decent beer.....aging it really helps with taste and carbonation as far as temp goes im in good old wisconsin so its just as cold here i have a basement tho and temps are in low 60s down there im currently using safale t-58 yeast and does fine in lower temps do u have a local brewery store you could get some ingredients to beef that kit up a lil bit before you brew like hops and a different yeast too btw what can of extrct did your kit come with?
  9. ive heard bout people leavin the beer in keg for 4 weeks with no harm done i myself usually do 3 weeks then bottle.....after that you should be fine ive had em lasts months and beer is good
  10. welcome to homebrewing!! so they make the kit as easy as can be and its not hard to beef it up "flavor" wise without making things too complicated since you are not a big fan of "light beer" you could give it more flavor by adding hops and changing the yeast which i would do anyway .......with those chilly temps im using t-58 yeast atm and its around 60f in the basement. and the closet thing is a good idea too...you want it in a dark cool spot and i keep mine covered it keeps all the light out
  11. fh is right on with this....welcome back to homebrewing!!!!
  12. yup supposed to be easier then try to measure out the sugar for bottle priming...havent tried them yet but just got a bag with my last kit so i might try them next batch
  13. first of all welcome to homebrewing!!! my first kit was also the classic american light and am now on my 6th batch and just got another kit with the cal.....last ime i just used the kit by itself and yea it was kinda blah...but this time i add 1 lb of wheat dme by boiling 25 mins along with 1/4 oz of mt hood hops then another 1/4 oz for last 5 mins of boil after the boil i then add the can of cal......im still in fermenting phase so im stilll waiting for this to turn out your idea should definitly make it better tho.you could boil your hops like a tea first....like 20mins and then add your hme cans
  14. its normal for that bottle to be a lil firmer..... you got a lil more yeast in that one doin their business and creating more co2 and i havent noticed much of a taste difference a bottle when i have sediment dont think itll effect abv either just keep an eye on it if it feels like its really gonna burst you can give it a lil twist for a pffffff sound and tighten it back up anyway you will have to let them bottles sit for a while like at least a few more weeks in dark cool spot if you want it to taste good... btw how long did u have the beer in fermenter? GOOD LUCK AND WELCOME TO THE OBBESSION i started with the same kit and now am on my 6 th batch
  15. that doesnt seem right to me.... the hme ive used smelled alright even tasted it which wasnt bad....wasnt the stout tho
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