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  1. My point was that with all things being equal the bottles with sugar were far more carbonated than the ones with the carbonation drops. For me I will not be using the carbonation drops any more. They are more expensive and not worth it.
  2. So the results are in. I brewed American Porter straight up just like it came in the mail. I used carbonation drops in half of the bottles and plain white sugar for the other half using the amount that the instructions that came with the kit said. They sat for two weeks ( I know people say to leave it longer but for this experiment this is what I did) and one bottle of each was put in the fridge for 24 hours ( again I know longer is better). When I poured the beer from the Carbo drops bottle there was a little head but not much. The sugar bottle was almost like a draft beer with a lot of carbonation and head. For me I think that I will not spend any more money on the drops and will just use sugar from now on.
  3. Since returning to Mr Beer I have only used the carbo drops mostly for the convenience. Before I only used sugar because it was the only thing the instructions mentioned. I have been a bit disappointed in the amount of carbonation that I have been getting. I seem to remember more but with the batches that I have done there has been very little ( I will confess that I do have a hard time waiting much past two weeks). The bottles were new and the tops were screwed on as tightly as I can. This latest batch of American Porter I am trying an experiment. Half the bottles were sugar and half carbo drops. In two weeks I will take a bottle of each, chill them and see if there is a difference in carbonation. While I'm waiting I wanted to ask if any of you have had problems with the drops or if you see a difference between using them and using sugar?
  4. I am using Star San for the first time and I know that I read not to worry about the bubbles but when I sanitized the bottles that I plan on filling today there are a lot of bubbles left behind when I poured out the liquid. Will the bubbles dissipate on there own or do I need to rinse the bottles out? Will what is left hurt my beer? Thanks, Pat
  5. Thanks, as an Amazonaholic I do have Prime. Looking at it the Star San seems the more cost effective way to go as well. It looks like the smaller bottle will go a long way. I will be ordering some as soon as I can.
  6. I have American Lager Light in a LBK. It will be due to be bottled this coming Fri ( that's the three week mark.) I have discovered that I do not have any sanitizer for the bottles and I can not order any until Fri or the following Mon. By the time it comes it will probably be at the 4 week mark in the LBK. Will this hurt the finished product or should it still be OK?
  7. So the pipeline is in full force. Stout in bottles ( I may crack one open this weekend just to see, but they could probably stand another week or two), Oktoberfest in one LBK ready to bottle in about a week and a half and American Light ( because it came with the kit) in my old LBK that I dug out and cleaned up. I hope to keep both LBKs going about a week to two weeks apart.
  8. I dug out my old LBK and want to use for a second brew. The lines on it are in quarts. How many quarts is line one and line two on the older LBK so I know how much water to put in?
  9. With my Stout in the bottles and Oktoberfest in the LBK my thoughts turn to my next brew. I was thinking about an IPA. What IPA recipes from Mr Beer do you all recommend? I'm not sure that I'm quite ready to take on a partial mash. For reference I am fond of Founders All Day IPA and Goose Island. Thanks in advance for your recommendations.
  10. Pipeline has begun! Irish Stout in bottles and Oktoberfest in the LBK. I used the booster this time just to see. It was kind of a pain stirring slowly to get it to dissolve so we'll see if it was worth it.
  11. I am getting ready to bottle my first batch and I got a bottling wand . I have never used one before so my biggest question is how to you attach it to the spigot? Do you just poke it in or is there a trick?
  12. I got my first Mr Beer kit I think in 2013. I made several recipes but then life changed and I didn't have any spare cash for supplies so I quit. Honestly I forgot about it until I got an Amazon gift card this past Christmas and ran across the Mr Beer kit again so I got a new kit. I do have some stuff left over from the old kit ( a LBK and I think some big bottles) so I may clean them up and use them. I don't really remember what I made but I know that I made an Irish Stout ( it's one of my favorite beers) and I already know that what I am brewing now has more flavor than the older one. I'm excited to get back into it and to see what I can make.
  13. Waiting until next week will also give me the time to make some cold brew. Now that I have tasted it is is better than I expected so I think at least part of the bottles I'll add some coffee to it to make a coffee stout. I thought a cold brew ( brought to room temp obviously before adding) would be better because I could sanitize the French press way easier that the coffee maker.
  14. It did look a little muddy and it will probably be the beginning of next week before I will feel up to bottling ( I've been sick all week and I have to work this weekend). I just wanted to be sure it would be ok to let it sit if it was done.
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