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  1. Sounds like I should bottle when I get a chance. Cool.
  2. This iis my second batch brewed. It is Aztec Cervesa with Pale LME and Cascade hops left in. It is three weeks in the LBK. When I checked a sample it is still cloudy but other than a little tang it tasted OK. Should I let it go longer or go with what I have or did I screw it up?
  3. My first glass of home brew. Altogethrr not bad. I will add hops next time. [attachment=14219]2013-07-1320.45.55.jpg[/attachment]
  4. OK the instructions say at least a week before tsating but I have read on here anyting from 3 weeks to 6 weeks. When can I give my batch it's first taste?
  5. Thanks Joe. I was afraid that it wouldn't seal proporly and that would effect the carbonizatiopn.
  6. I got it as a part of an international refill kitt that I saw at the store. I bought the kit because the original kit came with an American light and I am not a big fan of lite beer. Since I have it I thought I would make the best of it.. As far as taste goes I do like Corona which is what I thought about whern I saw this in the kit. I like atroinger and hoppier beers. I just don't know what would be the best kind of hops to use for this particular brew.
  7. my second batch I have a can of the Mexican Cervesa. I saw a recipie that called for lime and chilies. I'm not a big chilie fan so my question for all you brewwing gurus is what extra stuff ( hops, malts ect) would be best to add to this can. All the other recipies using the Cervesa were fruity and I don't care for fruity beers. I don't know if you can just leave out the ingriedents you don't like without messing everything up.
  8. Enjoying a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale while my first batch sits on the closet shelf nestled safely in their bottles. I didn't taste it but it smelled like beer bread. Yeasty and beery. I can't wait to try some although I did mess up the caps on a few of them. I didn't realize that they had the seal thing on the bottom that would break when you opened them if they were screwed on too tight so I accidentaly broke the seal on a couple while sanitizing. I hope that doesn't cause a problem with the carbination.
  9. Yeah I figured the next time I would add some hops or somehting. Since it was my first batch I had read that you should start out with just the can and don't add to it so that is what I did. I am goping to bottle it today so maybe adfter that and putting in the sugar and letting it sit more it will be better.
  10. I made the Ocktoberfest lager. I am not a big fan of lite beers so when I saw a two pack of refills I got that. I did fallow the direction that came with the kit as closely as possible. I was thinkinbg that the next time I will probably add hops. I also appologize if I insulted anyone with the comment about Miller Lite not being "real beer" I expected it to be flat but it really had very little flavor. I will bottle it tomorrow and wait a few more weeks and see what happens. it was suggested that I sanitisae the spigot since I sampled from it last week. How would I do that?
  11. I just tasted my first batch at 2 weeks and it tasted like weak watered down beer (think watered down Miller Lite). I read on here that you should let it sit for three weeks so after that time and after bottleing and priming shouild it taste like real beer or did I do something wrong?
  12. Now for a variation of this question for a newbie with the first batch brewing as we speak. What is the best recipie from Mr beer. I have read to start out making the brews streight from the can following the recipie so which one is best?
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