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  1. So I don't have to worry about the "hot break" or any of that? If I am adding hops for bittering, flavor or aroma, then do I need to boil the LME and the HME for the appropriate amount of time and add the hops? Or do I just boil the hops in water for the appropriate amount of time?
  2. I am preparing to brew my first batch using additional LME. It is my understanding I need to boil the LME because it is not "hopped." Is this true? Is it a full 60 minute boil? Thanks in advance.
  3. Alright after reading countless posts, this is the plan for the Blonde Ale I plan on brewing: Boil the LME for 60 minutes (4 cups of water??) Add the centennial hops to boil for 25 minutes (first 25 or last 25??) - how much? Add1/2 tsp of grains of paradise and the peels of 2 lemons for the last 10 minutes of the boil. Should this be left in the wort for fermentation? Once done boiling, I will add the HME and stir well. Add it to the LBK, top off with cldl fresh wate. check temperature of wort ... if acceptable, then add the yeast. and wait Does that sound about right?
  4. i edited the post after reading some additional information to use the Golden LME, but you would recommend the Pale ... I think I like that better. As for the Hops ... how will I know when I have reached my desired results?
  5. So, I bottled my first batch on Tuesday and I am preparing to brew my next beer. My wife is currently pregnant and really enjoys blonde ales. She is due on September1 and I would like to have something ready for her to enjoy in Mid-October ... that being said, I have been looking at Blonde Ale recipes and I think I have come up with something that I would like to try and brew, but need some feedback. I am looking to have an IBU between 20 - 30. Here is what I have come up with: 1 Can Canadian Blonde HME LME - Pale Centennial Hops Lemon (zest or juice) Grains of Paradise First of all, any criticism, critique or suggestions is greatly appreciated. Second, how do I go about adding the additional components, the amount, and when? Thanks
  6. Yes ... I think I am going to make a Blonde Ale this time. I have my temperature controller arriving on Thursday and should have the fermentation chamber ready next weekend for the LBK. One time was enough with rotating frozen bottles.
  7. After 3 weeks of fermenting the Czech Pilsner ... I have moved into the fridge to cold crash. I plan on bottling Monday night. What should the LBK look like on the inside? I am being patient but I am looking for some signs of what I have in there. Just for clarification, the bottles should initially be placed at room temperature in the dark. After 2 weeks, I move them into the fridge. Is that right or is it full 4 weeks at room temp?
  8. my ambient temps have been staying between 58 and 65 ... I don't have a temp on the LBK yet (4 - 6 weeks). It went up to 70 when I was out of town for 3 days last week. I will plan on waiting until next Saturday and cold crashing .. that s 2 - 3 days in the fridge, right? thanks for the quick replies
  9. Today is Day 15 for my Czech Pilsner. I have been reading some posts saying 3 weeks. Of course, I am anxious but I want to do it right. Should I wait another week? Should I let the temp raise naturally over the next week or continue changing the frozen bottles out? I was also planning on putting it in the fridge for 2- 3 days before priming. Is that a good idea?
  10. ***UPDATE** Today is Day 9 of my first batch (Czech Pilsner) and I think I have done a reasonably good job at controlling the temp. I was keeping the ambient temp in the cooler down around 60 for the first 5 days. I went out of town for the 4th and came back to find the ambient temp at 72. I replaced the frozen bottles and the temp dropped right back down to the lower 60s by yesterday evening. Saturday will be day 14 of fermentation. I have read some posts about letting the temp rise steadily over the last week, is this true? Should I allow the temp to raise naturally for the last few days or should I continue to regulate the temp as best I can?
  11. thanks for the greeting ... from browsing the forums this seems like a great community. I am looking forwzrd to being an active and contributing member. I am understanding that staying on the low end, even few degrees below 68, isn't the end of the world?
  12. It was 70 when I put it in and raised to 74 in about 30 mins. I have re-inserted the frozen bottles and it has settle at 72 for about the past hour.
  13. Bed Bath and Beyond carries Mr. Beer supplies near my house.
  14. I am preparing to brew my first batch of homemade beer and I have been testing my cooler that I will be fermenting in. I have an Igloo Max Cold cooler. I have mounted s 2 x 4 to the bottom of the cooler and sealed it with silicone to raise the LBK off the bottom. About 40 mins ago, I placed the probe of a digital meat thermometer in the cooler along with 2 bottles of water that I have frozen. The temp is reading 64 degrees now. I am going to be brewing the Czech Pilsner HME that came with the kit. The instruction say to maintain a temp of 68 - 76. How many degrees will the fermentation raise the temperature when the process begins? Any help is greatly appreciated.
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