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  1. Does anyone actually read this forum before they brew, for the first time??? I must say, you guys have the patience of a saint!!! The same questions OVER an OVER!!!!!!! Good God man!
  2. I'm kinda worried about he hops and yeast.
  3. Gotta take care of the beer!!! If it was, in fact a roach, they harbor more diseases than mosquitoes. Clean everything very good(after you drink your beer) and call an exterminater! Roaches are freeloaders and not healthy! More than that, they should not get free beer!!! lol
  4. I personally love Columbus's Cascading Amber Ale!!! Try that. Not hard to brew at all. I'm sure you'll like it too.
  5. I was just curious. It's been too hot to brew here lately. So I was wondering, if I could buy a recipe now and brew in the fall. If so, what should I do to preserve everything correctly? Extra money is hard to come by, and if I don't get some recipes now, I'll wind up wasting it on other stuff. lol Please help. Thanx in advance - Daryl A.
  6. Could you explain the vodka thing? And how do I find a LHBS, I googled Local Home brewing, with my zip code...what a mess.
  7. I also brewed the CAL as is and it was very cidery for about 6-7 wks. I was ready to dump it, but my buddy and his wife came over and my wife bragged about my brewing skills. lol. So I poured them a glass. They LOVED it. I said wait a minute. Are you drinking the right beer??? I then tried a glass...surprisingly, 8 wks was what it needed. I "was" good. I did it. You just have to let that stuff condition out for a while. It's not really that bad of a beer. Like others have said, give it to your friends.
  8. Christ872, You are the man!!! Thanx so much. I will probably need some help when ready to brew, though. Can I call on ya for some assistance?
  9. Wow!!! Cool :cheers: Where do you get seeds from and how much are they?
  10. Dude you suck!!! lmao!!! I don't have the patience!!! There're old enough right now. Oh and I want one so damn bad!!! I keep thinking of the taste at bottling. Mmmmm!!! I have Bud right now, so I can wait(at least I keep telling myself that). But seriously I almost threw away a descent beer(CAL), cuz I didn't wait long enough. Have you tried it/brewed it? I mean the Columbus Ale???
  11. Jim, I've been reading this forum for about two months before I actually started brewing. I've seen the same questions over and over. That's why I'm waiting till Sept. I, too, made the CAL, and it tasted like cider for five weeks. I was ready to dump it, then I tried one at eight weeks...and WOW!!! What a difference three weeks can make. I really wanna learn this stuff. That's why I figured Sept. would be a good starting point. I figured being that it is a more complex beer/recipe, it's probably gonna take a little more time to condition also. If I'm wrong tell me!!!
  12. My guess.......Ya probably shouldn't be brewin or drinkin at 19!!!
  13. I have Columbus's Cascading Amber Ale conditioning for three weeks now. I'm not even gonna try it until Sept. I want to brew Brown Eyed Girl next. It's basically the same recipe. I just want to see what the different hops and yeast do for it. What'd ya think?
  14. The borg... Knowing what you know. Do you think it's gonna be as good as I want it to be. How good are the seasonal brews. My mouth is watering..............Also, can you add hops and stuff, to these? And when will it be available for purchase?
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