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  1. Your going to need a real heater......maybe an IPA
  2. 5 weeks you should be good to go. Through some in the frig for at least 24 hours, a week is better if you can.
  3. I would recommend researching some Hops. Looking into the flavor and aroma profile that you find interesting. Then research how long you want to add it into your recipe. It will range from battering, to flavoring, or even just adding aroma. Also look into other thing like LME or DME.
  4. If you have amazon prime you get free shipping. Check there, also from time to time sales on the website occur. Also when you register you kit they will send you a discount offer with it.
  5. Depends on what you are looking to accomplish. MB has the fruit going into the fermenter with the wort. But usually the yeast will feed on surgery stuff and can produce a different flavor. So you can wait a few days and add then, or I have even heard of some people adding at bottling. Also be sure to boil and cool you fruit so you don't get an infection in the beer. And lastly with citrus use only the zest , juice or an extract not the whole fruit the white pith will be very sour. Its your beer so have fun with types and flavors you like!
  6. Brewing a orange pils, with Centential .....Which is better to add peel or extract to the wort?
  7. My bad, it's back on there now!
  8. I am doing an orange pils. All of Mr. beer fuit recipes call for the fruit to be added at flame out. But I have read in several places where people add to the fermentor after 2 days-1 week . Any recommendations?
  9. The sale is over already ! Went Back today to check out some more and the sale was not there, well at least I ordered one the other night....
  10. Yup...just bought the Dark Forest Stout and an extra Lbk!
  11. Me too....I got the Dark Forest, and an extra LBK too!
  12. So many to choose from! Too...might have buy another Lbk too
  13. Just checked out the website....most recipes are 25% off
  14. Thanks.....not having trouble keep track of things yet. I was just wondering if 3 weeks was the max or 4 weeks or 5 weeks......which is not going to affect the final product. I want to brew but with vacation at 3 and 4 weeks I won't be able to bottle.
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