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  1. Thanks everyone for your replies! I will certainly do as suggested and take the brews out to let them get to room temp, then refrigerate only as planning to consume. :-) I actually may have put the sugar in first, then the brew, I don't recall for sure. But I'll make a point of remembering that for the future. WRT to the bottles, in the interest of brevity I didn't elaborate that I had a LOT of brew left over after the glass bottles, the remainder of which went into the 1-liter bottles that came with the kit. I calculated the measure amount accordingly and adjusted the proportion of sugar for the smaller bottles. Figured a long rambling post would've left people screaming "GET ON WITH IT!!!" :-) Thanks again, everyone! Hopefully this will work! I'll post my results to this thread later on.
  2. OK, so I was doing just great...had a great batch of Patriot Lager fermenting in my LBK for 3-4 weeks. Sampled it, tasted great, and went and bought a dozen longneck 12-oz bottles w/caps. Woo hoo!! Filled my bottles, put in the sugar for carbonation, capped them...then put them immediately in the fridge. It was only after I opened one a couple of weeks later and took a drink that I realized my gross mistake. AUGH! Is there any way of introducing carbonation into the individual bottles, after I've already added the sugar and capped??? I don't mind wasting the caps, I can always re-cap if doing something like adding a little yeast will take care of it. I really, REALLY don't want to have to reserve this superflat batch of GREAT tasting brew to cooking use only, and can't afford to go out and buy some fandangled CO2 unit. Any help would be tremendous, gang.
  3. Thanks for the replies, everyone! Good info from all! Sorry, but I'm really a rank newbie at this - what is IBU?
  4. Hello everyone, Was reading through the forums, looks like there's multiple threads that address all my questions, so I thought (at the risk of invoking a stern warning from moderator and long-timers) I'd create a fresh thread to ask these. After creating my first batch (American Light), I've drank three bottles. It's okay, but I'm not super-impressed. I'm certain it's because I'm either doing something wrong, or my expectations are higher than they should be. I saw some sediment at the bottom of the keg after brewing, I didn't put any of it in any bottles. I put the suggested amount of sugar in each bottle, the carbonation ended up being a little heavy (another thread recommends a lesser amount of sugar). And even though I avoided filling the bottles with the sediment, each bottle so far has still had a pretty fair amount of solid material at the bottom. I've been remiss to empty the entire bottle, for fear of getting this "sediment" in my glass (maybe it isn't harmful, but nothing of this was mentioned in the instruction video). Also, the taste is a little overly bitter. Being an ice-beer drinker, I'm accustomed to a more bitter taste, but this was more than what I expected for a standard light brew. I made a point of being VERY careful about sanitizing everything throughout the process. I DID read in another thread that it's recommended that you brew for THREE weeks instead of 2, and condition for FOUR weeks instead of 2, then refrigerate and drink on a (for lack of a better phrase) as-needed basis - let the rest continually condition. So my questions are: first, is the sediment in the bottles normal/correct (I believe it is for the keg)? Second, should I 'stir' the bottles during the conditioning process to help dissolve any sedimentation? Finally, am I correct in thinking that changing my conditioning would eliminate some, if not all, of the bitterness? Thanks everyone, and thanks for all the warm welcomes I received in the Introductions forum! B-)
  5. Hello everyone! Got me a Mr. Beer kit for Father's Day! Had seen it in the store before, but wasn't sure about trying it. Now that I got one...! :stout: Going to start with the mix that came with the kit, but I'm a porter man, myself. Once I get the feel of doing homebrew, that's going to be my next project! Going to read up on the posts here, but just wanted to say hi.
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