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  1. You never get the root beer flavor out of root beer bottles. Doesn't mix well with beer at all.
  2. As long as its food grade plastic, glass, and hasn't been used to store who knows what then I agree you'll be fine.
  3. I own 120 rifles, yes some are scoped, but no my marlin model 60 doesn't have a scope. Only .357 I got is my s&w wheel gun, but it does have a scope.
  4. If you can find 22 ammo. I'm down to 8k rounds and nobody has it in stock at a reasonable price. Big rifle rounds are even worse. I really gotta start reloading but got too many hobbies.
  5. The aluminum bottles work great. You just have to have a bench capper cause they don't have the bulge that a and capper grips on. I've seen the miller and coolers plastic bottles, just not the bud ones.
  6. I've never seen plastic bud light around here. My buddy is saving me some aluminum bud bottles I'm gonna use.
  7. I'm about 20ish miles south of crime bluff.
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