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  1. Yes we have a hydrometer for specific gravity - tested after brew to make sure we were on target(we were) and will test again. This was the first time using all grain. We have not harvested the yeast, but may look into starting that. I am just excited that I did not mess anything up so far. :banana:
  2. Oh, and we used Hallertauer Mittelfruher hops.
  3. We ended up doing a wheat beer yesterday with Pilsen Malt and White Wheat Malt using the brew in a bag method for the first time. I used some lemon peel in the last 10 minutes of the boil that we got at the brew store. I am going simple for my first brew with hubby. He has been using extracts but we are looking into the investment to start all grain since it will be a lot cheaper in the long run. This is only a 14 day fermentation with ABW 5.24%. We force carbonate in a keg, so I do not have to wait another 2 weeks for that. It actually looked disgusting when it went in the carboy, but it tasted pretty good. Now the wait to see if it will turn out to be good. We used Wyeast 1010 - not sure about yeast qualities since I am new - but it was $8.00 for the smack pack. I will continue searching this forum to learn more, as my brain is a sponge for all tings new. Bob- you must be a saint to work for your wife - my husband does not cook, but I cannot imagine working with him LOL.
  4. Growing them is effortless - we are in zone 5 and they go dormant over winter, and kick back into growth in spring. I give them a regular organic fertilizer and I compost all my produce scraps. They literally grow on their own, and we have to regularly cut them back to keep them from coming up through the grass. We have to try to harvest them before the Japanese beetles are in full swing, or they like to have their own feast. I will check out the two beers, and see if they sound good. My husband has his own tastes for craft beers, and usually they do not coincide with mine. My favorite was a beer called Kristall from Weinkeller restaurant, but I think they went out of business years ago. That is what I want to try to make. As for commercial beer, I do not much indulge, unless I have been out working in the yard, and come in for beer and pizza. I am an enthusiast in scratch-making of most things I eat or consume. I roast coffee, I garden, and make most things from scratch. That is my reasoning for wanting to try beer-making.
  5. First let me say, I am new here and brand new to brewing. My husband is the brewer in our house and he has been brewing for years. I am looking forward to learning how to brew myself, being that I am a professional chef. I do not want to be bashed, or made fun of for my tastes, but I am looking for a light summer brew and I really like weiss beers with lemon. If anyone has any recommendations, I am going to the brew store locally today. I am not a regular beer drinker, and do not like heavy beers. I am a classically French trained chef, and have a great palate, but I find that heavy beers tend to coat my palate too much, so I am looking for a lighter summer drink to enjoy in my tiki hut at home. My husband grows Centennial hops in our yard, and I am not sure they are good for what I want to brew. Any suggestions?
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