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  1. Congratulations~ Now I'm brewing my 7th and 8th batches with my two LBK, but yours seems much more better than me! Really nice head and gorgeous label. I wish my maltodextrin to give good head with my next batch like yours.
  2. Rick, I remember your recommendation of trying Oktoberfest, but it was the period of Independence Day sale (craft series 15% off) when I stocked up. New items are just arrived when mr.beer did 25% recipe sale ('cause I live in outside of US and several days were taken for the clearance of customs.) and it contains Howling red ale recipe, so I'm just waiting the day to empty my LBK. I'll make another post after tasting Oktoberfest! Joe, thanks for your encouragement and raising a toast I got some confidence with these failure and success, so wanna continue to experiment other basic HMEs and recipes
  3. Hello fellow brewers Last weekend a friend visited me, so I opened some bottles of two Craft Series - Northwest Pale Ale and Bewitched Amber Ale and.. yeah, I achieved the success for the first time! :laugh: I've been very worrying about the failure.. 'cause I already tasted it with my first Cerveza batch. (fail of temp. control!) And as the by-product, now I can define what type of beers I love. Amber Ale was great but I cannot forget the aroma and the flavor of pale ale. I have a remaining can of Bewitched Amber Ale HME, so next time I gonna try to add some hops and feel the difference! (some remaining cascade hops maybe.) I really appreciate you guys.. always sharing many teachings, tips and experiences! I hope to be able to share my tips with other novice brewers someday Below is my brewing log. ------ 2nd Northwest Pale Ale 2013.07.15 Fermentation 2013.08.03 Bottling 3rd Bewitched Amber Ale 2013.08.03 Fermentation 2013.08.18 Bottling (impatient to wait the next batch.. now I observe 3-4 rule with my second LBK!!)
  4. Foothiller, after reading your post I ordered 1/2 oz Perle hop. By the way I ordered an Oktoberfestivus recipe already and not brewed yet , so hope to compare the difference of adding additional booster. Really appreciate your answer!
  5. Last weekend I opened some bottoles my second batch - Northwest Pale Ale can only - and it was great, thanks to you guys advice to stick 3-4 rule! (little bit yeasty-don't know the reason- but its hop aroma is so good..) Now it is the end day of 20% off labor day sale, so I gonna stock some ingredients up. I chose one recipe which includes, ----------- 1 Oktoberfest Lager HME 1 LME Smooth 1 Booster ----------- But it doesn't contain any additional hop, I guess I'll get better result if I add some hops. What hops can turn this recipe as a great one? :laugh:
  6. I had the same problem with my first batch, but it made no problem! so I guess yours would not have any problem. :laugh: After my first batch I always remove printed paper from the HME can before making wort.
  7. Thanks folks! jhough, Tabasco// It's actually not a paper bag, but a boiling-safe plastic(?? a component of PE, PP and others) bag to infuse herbs or dried fishes made in Japan. I put hop pellets into two bags so I thought it was not so thick to sanitize by boiling 10 secs. I attached a photo of them taken before putting boiling water. (I attached a photo but no display!! ) http://community.mrbeer.com/docs/SystemLibrariesProvider/forum-attachments-new-brewers-and-faqs/p_img_5208.jpg?sfvrsn=0 pspearing,robertl6,oly//I hope my beer is ok as your words! :laugh: Today morning I could watch normal high krausen and yeasts are doing their job. Next time I'm gonna put hops without any hop sack and do cold crashing as like your experience. (I admired the effect of the cold crashing last bottling time )
  8. Hi fellow brewers! Yesterday I started to brew new batch using a Pilsner HME, a Saaz hop, and a Smooth LME. It was my first experience to boil hop pellets. I put pellets into paper bag (a bag for infusing ingredients to make some japanese style soups 'cause none of hop sack..) and boiled 8 minute. And then... hmmmmm.. I threw the hop bag into a trash bin!! :'( 5 hours later I was aware that I have to leave that hop bag inside of the LBK after reading some threads here. So after some hesitation, I opened the trash bin.. get the paper bag out.. sanitize with boiling water about 10 secs, chill paper bags, open the cap of the LBK and put them carefully.. I'm wondering what side effects would be by my foolery. Is my worts ok and I can make drinkable beer?
  9. Foothiller// appreciate your reply! What a useless item a Booster is.. ( at least for me..) I'm gonna enjoy the effect of Saaz hops and the Smooth LME :laugh:
  10. I'm gonna start brewing of Partytime Pilsner tomorrow, so I have all ingredients but you guys recommend to use a DME instead of a Booster.. If I put a 1/2lb pouch of Mr.Beer LME Smooth (yeah, already I have..) instead of a pack of Booster, can I get better result?
  11. robertl6,onefatgerman,Jim Johnson// You guys were correct! More conditioning time was the answer. Today morning I put remaining one bottle into the fridge with no idea and opened it at night, I found it tasts like BEER. Not sour, no more yeasty.. I cannot say it was great but it was quite drinkable. Yeah, as you guys emphasized, waiting is the only virtue. (It have been taken 5 weeks to condition..) But I found secondary pour was yeasty, I think it was because of the short chilling time (just 12 hours.) so next time I'm going to put a bottle 3 days before drinking. Yeah, I MADE MY BEER, and you borg guys rock! I'll fellow your words with no doubt! :laugh:
  12. azmark// I had some problem to control wort's temperature at the start time, it was near 90F. I think it was the only explicit mistake I did. Yesterday I opened another one bottle up and felt same symptom. I think my beer is infected or influenced by high temp. :'( Snowjob, macbeer// I read many posts you guys emphasized to follow 3-4 rule, so I decided to condition over 4 weeks but I was very wondering how it is going, so tried one small bottle. Yeah, I'm going to keep these bottles and try one bottle two week later. Today I'm gonna bottle another batch, I'll be really careful to clean everything related. Really appreciate your answer! and have a nice weekend.
  13. Hi fellow beer creaters, :laugh: Many things are changed here and the editor becomes so simple, so sad there's no icons buttons to press. (They were so cute..) By the way, I bottled Mexican cerveza 20 days ago and yesterday night I couldn't regist the temptation of drinking no more!! So opened one 500ml bottle up and tried my first beer. Yes, beer. it was beer, but l couldn't say it was good. It smelled sour and it was so sour and dry. When I bottle, it was so yeasty but now it is cleared, and sour taste is not feel so bad.. but it is too strong. I read some threads they describe it tastes young and cidery when it didn't conditioned well. But I live in the opposite side of the planet.. and here it is hard to get a chance to drink cider, so I don't know how it tastes. I'm considering to dump all beers bottled if it is impossible to be better. :'( Is my beer infected? Or it is just needed more conditioning time as you guys said Cervezas need 6 weeks or more?
  14. Not the brewing yeast, but when I bake some breads I use a instant dry yeast in the freeze. It's over one year but it is still so active. There would be no problem with your dried strong creatures in the refrig or in the freeze though you put in long period.
  15. I'm gonna buy 4 recipes and an additional LBK 'cause you guys said it's great price. :laugh:
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