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  1. Guess they dont - Jim On that DIY home brew controller - will it run my fridge on the cooling out let and my paint can heater on the heating outlet Toggeling between the two When temps go high or low ? Nevada is geting cold nights dropping my fridge down to 17 deg C and than durring the day it stays at a 20.5 deg C when the box clicks it onto the cooling side
  2. Ok thats what i was thinking at least with it cold it can warm up and Jim i mounted the thermometer to the side with a paper towel on the outside like you told me to do a few threads back - BTW I have a question for you check your inbox (If they still have messaging)
  3. Ok so i been browsing some of the directions for the beers - however don't see anything on the temp to pitch yeast! I got a "Gift" From MR.Beer and its a stick on label for the LBK that has a check mark as to when to pitch the yeast, Last night brewing the American Porter I couldn't get the LBK WARM enough to pitch the yeast. After mixing my hot wort and pouring into the refrigerated water it was already too cool to pitch. I let it sit out by the oven and it sill didnt warm up in about 3 hours so I pitched the yeast anyways and put in the Fridge (With my controller keeping it at 20 deg C.) Anyone have any information as to when to pitch yeasts? By pitching when its colder how bad will it effect the beer (I know that cold can cause yeast to go dormant and hot makes it accelerate too quickly) but I was border line of having a check mark (with the MR beer sticker) I
  4. I had the same thing happen with my Summer Seasonal (no addatives) and had just one bottle explode - The rest were fine infact last night i took them out of the fridge and had a few - tasted good - I think maybe it was a weak bottle on my end as well., Glad im not the only one lol. (And sorry it happened to you as well)
  5. I am not gona give up - Im loving this and its a challange at this point. I just got done with my Summer Seaonal (the Very last beer that i brewed with the 2-2-2) It came out good but all 3 beers I have sucessfully completed (one infected) all still taste "Cidery" like apple Cider. this cant be normal they all have the exact taste and i keep telling my self its Under Frmented, To let them ferment longer (thus why i switched to the 3 Week Ferm, 4 cond like the borg says) I just hope now that i brewed my 2nd batch this way that they will both come out ok with out the cider taste
  6. A few months back I posted about having constant temperature fluctuation. Someone replied with a Do it your self Home brew controller for under 100 $ which I built and its working great to keep my ferment fridge cool. I believe the controller it self was a STC-1000 (reads in metric) The video showed how to make one outlet for the COOL (which you plug the fridge into) and a HEAT outlet. A few weeks later they also showed me a DIY heater element for the winter time made with a light bulb and paint can (Sorry I cant find the post now that the site has been updated) My new Question is : Does this J.C. have an ability to run HEAT and COOL IE: Fridge on cool and my paint bucket on the heater at the same time? In Nevada right now we are having HOT days and COOL nights. My fridge is in a mud room and stays at 20 Deg Celsius during the day but at midnight to 6 Am its doping in temperature below the 20 C. If the controller does not run a heat and cooling mode what can I do to keep the fridge from dropping below my 20 deg at night. Im affriad this is whats causing my beer to have off flavors. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. BTW I posted that wrong its a 3 Week Fermentation , 4 Week condition at room temp and 24+ hours in fridge as you said Rick. Sorry was a typo. Thats how my 4th beer is scheduled, its in bottles now sitting for the next 4 weeks. (Holding patience is hard, especially when I know this one will come out right!) PS Why would MR beer sugest a 2-2-2 rule if the beers arent even fully fermented?
  8. CRAP = Cloudy Milkey EXTREMILY Sweet .... idk . i had to spit it out after a second of it being in my mouth - and i know it wasnt just a beer i didnt like, it didnt even look like beer looked like foamy caremel colored milk and tasted about the same. all 22 bottles were that way - im using the Idsophor (spelling sucks) that is listed on the site now and hope that fixes my problem. Maybe it was just one batch i did somthing wrong with. So the little fuzzy "Moon dust" looking stuff on the bottm of the bottle is normal? Should i mix this into the beer or just pour the beers into glasses? is there any way to bottel the beer with out this happening while still reaching peak carbination? i like to take my beers with me in a cooler for trips and such and usualy dont bring a glass with me....
  9. SO My mr beer kit came with a Americn Classic Light (Which at the time i brewed 2-2-2) I purchased a week later the American Ale. This I also brewed a 2-2-2 And a Summer Seasonal which I had just bottled when I came to the site to find yall , and was informed on the 4-3-24hr Method, Which Fermenting now is Patriot Lauger, and Boisenberry Tart. SO theres the back ground here is the problem: My American Classic came out "Alright" it tasted a little cidery, but drinkable and i am about out of it now after botteling 22 bottles. A week later I take my American Ale out of the fridge and pop the top take a sip ..... AND THROW UP! Its cloudy, taste like CRAP, and looks like baby milk. (I can only assume I didnt ferment long enough?) That day I rotated my Summer Seasonal to the fridge and noticed on the bottom of each bottle, it looks like the sugar crystals or a fuzzy surface on teh bottom of the bottles (I was carefull not to get any of the foam at the bottom of the LBK when i bottled but looks like the same stuff (Does this mean my summer Seaonal will too taste like crap? Why did my Americn Classic Light come out ok and the American Ale come out like crap? I hope my summer seasonal will be ok as this is the one I looked foreward to drinking the most ) My Patriot lauger just came out of 3 week fermentation, I carbed my 12 oz bottles with 3/4 cup white sugar, and filled and capped - they will sit by the swamp cooler for 4 weeks. If my First 3 batches were a failure Id like to know what im doing wrong so i can correct this on my Patriot Lauger. I also kept it in a fridge with a Johnson Controller Right at 20 deg C. for the 3 weeks it was fermenting, At this time I have 2 empty LBK's and would like to solve the problem before continuing with my Boisenberry Tart, and American Porter. Any help and sugestions would be appreciated.
  10. This is good to know I never would have thought to check the measuring cups - I think ill be testing mine tonight :chug:
  11. Welcome - Glad your first beer came out good - These guys have a lot of information and Like they said a 3 Week fermentation period is best - Or get ya the Hydrometer like i did - Was inexpensive and a better way to know when my beer is ready for the 3-4 weeks conditioning stage. Good luck!
  12. @ joe and the grandson comment HAHAHAHAHA No not submitting for Judging however I like to get as much information on each batch as possible. Brewing is a science and it should be recorded in my opinion so figuring out these statistics would aid as a reference for other beers and alterations.
  13. Nice - I wish i had a spare room in the house Would make a great brewery Im thinking of building some shelves for my fridge to hold 5 LBKS
  14. OK So I have a hydrometer that will tell me my ABV - But how does one measure the IBU and SRM (I assume there is a SRM color chart?) but your IBU is what im mostly wondering how to measure I mean a bitter beer to me may not be a bitter beer to you etc. Is there a standard way to measure these 2? (Yes im a NOOB)
  15. Are all of these brewed in LBK's ? If so im interested in how you store the 6 kegs, i use a refridgerator and am looking to maximize my volume in the fridge. Sounds like awsome choices im wanting to try the All american Gold.
  16. Ok I see what ya are saying now - Do they ever come out with new BEERS or just new recipes using the standard HME refills?
  17. OK so the home page for MRbeer has changed... They say there are new beers and newly reformulated ones.... Do i have beer goggles on or somthing i cant find the "NEW" beers.
  18. Newby here Conditioning : American Ale Summer Seasonal American Classic Light Fermenting: Patriot Lager Gona brew up some boisnberry tart tonight (Will edit this tonight when i get home to put dates of brew in)
  19. Welcome - These guys have tought me alot so far and I continue to learn somthing new every time i get on this site. I too save my brown bottles although have a issue trying to get all the glue off of them lots of scrubbin and they save ya money concidering a case of 24 bottles is like 20 bucks nearly with shipping.
  20. I too use the 12 oz glass long necks - however I use packing tape and wrap the box in all directions to make them one water / beer tight if one does break in the box and 2 so i wont drop any once the cardboard goes soggy. - if one breaks i just replace the box and keep the dividers to keep the beer from "Clinging" together. Good to know about the PET bottles as well though :gulp:
  21. Like they say here use a 3 - 4 - 24 hour rule is what i been following 3 Weeks Fermentation 4 Weeks Condtitioning at room temp 1 beer in fridge for 24-48 hours to taste and see if it gets better as you put a bottle in each day or every other day. How many Aztec's did you brew is this the first batch?
  22. On the Topic of "Cold Crashing" A few questions I assume this would be once you reach FG? (Final Gravity) Does this change the taste of the beer ? And obviously place the LBK in the fridge not your bottled product so they can condition (This may have been answered) Thanks
  23. I too started mine thinking 7 days with the American Classic Light, however after talking to the moderators was told to do a 2-2-2 which i thought would work well however than i got on this and found these guys talking about the 3 - 4 rule. My first batch was in bottles by then so im sticking with the 2-2-2 rule for that batch - the Patriot Lauger I just brewed last night is gona follow the 3-4 rule. These guys know what they are talking about and have helped me alredy get started in the right direction im on my 4th batch now (using 2 LBK's) and havnt even gotten to taste my first one! LOL It will be worth it when i crack open case upon case every week from here on of my own home brew!
  24. OK thank you i will be fermenting at 20 deg C - or close too with the new controller in the fridge. which should eqil if i did my math right to 64 deg
  25. OK so I hear allot about the temps you pitch your yeast. Im about to brew up the Patriot lauger this will be my 4th beer (none of wich are complete lol ) Just wondering when yall would recommend pitching? What temps are best.. Was thinking right at 70? But thats just off the top of my head. Any research links on best pitch temps would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks Borg!
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