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  1. Thanks for all the feed back. One other thing. I've been viewing the posts on boosters. I see terms like HME and UME. I can't find what this is in the glossary section. Can someone tell me what they mean and, when adding a booster, do you have to let it ferment longer than the nominal 3 to 4 weeks. Thanks OH, one more thing. Does altitude play a part in this process? I live above 4800 ft. Thanks
  2. I figured since they said between (68 and 76) it was too cold? But thanks, I won't worry this winter.
  3. Yes, it will be my first brew... everything still in the box since Christmas. Basement was very cold this year, around 64 to 65, and I was afraid it was too cold to brew. Just trying to get my ducks all lined up before hand. I just purchased another kit so I have two fermenters to work with.
  4. Thanks So, if you have enough bottles and basement space, one could ferment every two weeks, bottle and then after another 4 weeks have a continual supply? I can see adding a date to each bottle is important. Also, I have yet to find an actual cross reference list of name brand beers. How does one not waste 6 weeks to find the beer you thought you were making was not really what you had expected? A list like.. "If you like ??? then purchase ???" Thanks
  5. What is the shelf life of the brew after bottling? How long can it sit at room temp, (68 to 76) before it needs to go in the fridge?
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