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  1. Ok.. I will throw it out, will use whole packet next time.
  2. I bought a separate Mr.Beer yeast packet for my Wheat beer. I only used half of the packet and kept other half in refrigerator. How long can I keep an open packet?
  3. Ya I am in no hurry to drink it... waiting for the 'Special' brew to get done lol Thanks for your help Rick
  4. Ok bottled up my first brew from the kit (Classic American Light) When I was done I opened the LBK to clean it and it smells to me like Apple Cider. Is this a normal smell for this? Thanks, JubiBeer
  5. So after 48hr put that same bottle back in fridge and wait couple more days?
  6. Ok, my favorite beer is Leinenkugel's Sunset Wheat™ Who can come up with the closest recipe? This will be interesting for sure. :chug:
  7. So... I have my Mr.Beer kits fermenting for 2 weeks now. Does anyone suggest waiting longer and if so what are the benefits of doing so? Thank you, JubiBeer
  8. Sorry I am new, what is a LBK again? And I agree with the "Chasing Alcohol" statement. I for one have drank enough back in the day to get drunk So I'm about flavor now, not to get drunk. I have to say I'm kind of picky though as I really only drink Leinenkugel Sunset Wheat, Blue Moon, Shock Top and beers of the wheat family as this is my preferred taste.
  9. "FedoraDave" post=385682 said:I hope this turns out well for you. But I have to ask... Why are you experimenting with ingredients you're unfamiliar with? Do you know what the Bavarian Weissbier tastes like on its own? Because if you don't like what you wind up with, how will you know if it's the HME, the orange peel or the vanilla? Or some combination of the ingredients? How will you know what to do differently next time? Sorry if I come across as a buzzkill, and I don't mean to be. I just want your brewing experience to be the best it can be. The best-case scenario is that you'll have stumbled upon a good recipe. But the worst-case scenario is that you won't like what you made, you'll have wasted the ingredients and all that time, and you won't know what went wrong or why. I've been there. I did the same thing. Then I realized that I was flying blind, since I didn't know what the basic profiles of the HMEs were. It was slowing down my progress. Once I decided to stick with the Mr. Beer recipes as-is, I actually made faster progress. Your right... I am flying blind but just cause I'm new and adventures lol I would love to pick your brain more about this stuff. Thank you
  10. So I just got all my stuff in the mail and realized I don't have and Sanitizer... Can i just use anti-bacterial soap if I rinse it out really good? :whistle:
  11. Ok... So have yet to even try a recipe yet and I am a real rookie. So here is what I am going to try, [ul] [li]Bavarian Weissbier HME[/li] [li]Safbrew WB-06 Dry Wheat Yeast[/li] [li]Whole Fresh Orange Peel[/li] [li]½ tsp Ground Coriander[/li] [li]1 tsp Pure Vanilla Extract[/li] [/ul] What ya think?
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