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  1. Well, I don't know if this points to it being bad, but I just had one explode in my bedroom, 1 week after bottling. I carefully carried the rest outside and left it on the porch till morning. Not sure how I'll dispose of the rest of it, but I don't think I can trust it at this point...ugh...
  2. "Brewbirds" post=386079 said:Did you take any notes on brew day? What was the wort temp when you pitched your yeast into the LBK? Did the "off" taste seem soapy, sour or what? Have you taken any gravity readings? Have moved/ disturbed the LBK since you discovered this? Is there trub in the bottom of the LBK? Old HME can make crappy beer that tastes soapy. If you pitched to hot and the yeast was already old you might have killed it and you have a collection of all kinds of microscopic critters growing in there because it is not beer it is old wort. If you already added some sugar and bottled it put it in some kind of strong container in a location where bottle bombs won't hurt anyone. If it is in PET bottles check them every few days to make sure the caps or bottom are not bulging. If you see bulging twist the caps enough to hear a fssst sound and see how much they foam up then tighten and repeat. Oh yeah and get some fresh ingredients (probably including a new LBK). Good Luck. :cheers: A new LBK? This is only the 2nd time I've used it. Would I not be able to just clean the thing really good with bleach or something? Yikes... It tasted more sour than anything. Didn't seem soapy. As for taking notes...no. Just followed the basic instructions.
  3. Interesting question zorak1066. Also, are there any health concerns with me drinking this stuff, if it is mold? I strained it and bottled it. I'm going to let it sit for a few weeks before trying, but can the mold or whatever this infection is, hurt me?
  4. I guess I'll try it. Like you said, nothing to lose. If it is an "infection", how was that likely to have occurred?
  5. I do have to say that the variety pack is probably 2 years old. Has been in a dark cupboard during that whole time, unopened.
  6. I used a Mr. Beer variety pack refill Pale Ale. Adding nothing that didn't come with it except for a Mr. Beer booster pack. Went exactly by the simple instructions.
  7. So I tasted it...tastes flat and maybe a little off. I have only brewed one batch previously, so I don't have a good reference...
  8. I was frankly afraid to taste it. Smells normal. I just don't have enough experience to tell you if it smells off.
  9. After brewing I placed my 2 gallon keg in a cool dark spot in my house, and didn't look at it until today, 2 weeks later. I found white and green floating chunks on the top. Sure looks like mold. What do you think?
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